Turning Back Tuesday

Thomas Trisdale (aka Codename Tuesday) sat in his office. He read the note over and over again. Each reread made the words more and more incomprehensible.

Hello, Tuesday. I found out all about your defection. Yes, you knew I would. What were you thinking? You know me, sweetie. I don’t take defections lightly. So, of course, I kidnapped your precious wife, Sylvia. Of course, I would. You know how I am. You know my mean streak. My love for revenge. If you want to see her again, come to our secret place. You know where. Don’t bother with money or checks. Just come and be prepared to surrender yourself to me. Don’t keep me waiting. Lara



I thought she was dead.

I thought.

She has Sylvia.

She has my wife.

My Sylvie.

Surrender to her.

Give up Sylvia. I know she will expect me to do so.

He messed up his hair in frustration.

Darn it! I never expected this to happen. I thought she was dead!

Sylvie and I never had this conversation. We never put Lara into our list of scenarios to prepare for. I don’t know what she’d want me to do.

He bowed his head.

But I know Sylvia.

She’d want me to do what is right.

The only right thing.

I can’t let anything happen to her.

He glanced around the office. A rueful smile crossed his face.

I had a very good run here.

“I’ll miss it.”

He put the note on the middle of his desk where someone was bound to find it, glanced around one last time, and left.


July Writing Prompts

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