Daily Spur Presents…..Approximate

Megan laid on the couch in the living room. Her head hurt. Her stomach hurt.

She just wanted to curl up in her bed, in her nicely darkened room, and sleep. Unfortunately, her room was in the middle of an overdue renovation and was presently a chaotic, ungodly mess.

There could be no sleeping in that room until it was fixed.

So, the living room couch was her only hope.

Unfortunately, someone had left the tv on some sort of news program. A blonde news anchor was staring through heavily eyelashed eyelids at a grumpy news anchor who was pontificating about…something.

But there really wasn’t anywhere else for Megan to sleep.

So, she curled up on the couch and tried her best to ignore the tv noise.

“….approximate….and the approximate….approximately…”

Apparently, the pontificator had found a word to abuse and he was doing it whole-heartedly.

I could shut it off.

But that would involve getting up. And walking all the way over there. And walking all the way back here.

Too much walking.

The blonde fluttered her heavy eyelashes. “But John!…approximate? …approximate…approximate…approx.—”

“No! No. No. NO! It is approximately…approximate…approximate—”

“But what about the approxi—”

“No! You don’t know what you’re talking about! It isn’t about the approximate…It’s about the approximate…approximate…”

Megan closed her eyes.

There was something wonderfully mind-numbing about it all.




Megan yawned and fell asleep.


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