Enough Is Enough!

Tim sat like a marble statue.




All of his rage was gone. He had cried it all out of his body.

But the letter was still crumpled in his hand.

He sat there, vaguely aware of the need for him to make something to eat. What time if the day was it? He had no idea.

And he didn’t care.

He sat silent and waiting for her to come home.

He snapped out of his daze as the front door unlocked.

It opened.

She entered the house.

“Oh, Jerry! You’d never believe the day I had.”

Tears fell down his face.

She entered the living room. “I think I…”

He stood.


“Yes. I am not Jerry.”

Her shock changed into irritation. “And what are you doing here, huh? Spying on me?”

“I found his letter. You left it. You just left it lying on the counter.” He took a step forward. “What? Did you think I wouldn’t see it?”

“Tim. I—-”

“Did you think I’d be too stupid to understand that this—” He shook the paper. “—juvenile prattle was a love letter?”

“Tim. I—”

“A love letter to my wife! One. One that I didn’t write. Lindy. Didn’t you think about me at all?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Not here in HIS house. Come on, Tim. Have some decency.”

“Decency? Decency? What about you? You. Lindy. You betrayed me. You. How could you?”

“This is stupid and needlessly melodramatic. Go home, Tim. Go on. Get out of here. He’ll be home soon.”

“And what? What, Lindy? You don’t want him to see me? You don’t want him to meet me? Lindy. Does he even know that I exist?”

She eye-rolled. “Yes, the first thing I told him when we started this whole affair was, ‘Oh, by the way I’m already married, but you know what? Heck with vows and such. I’m going to just walk all over them and—”

“Stop! Enough is enough. I’ve had it. I can’t. I can’t handle this. I don’t know how to handle this.” He returned to the couch. “What am I supposed to do, Lindy?”

“Take my advice and go home. Just go home, Tim.”

“What about us?”

She shrugged. “We’ll figure something out. We always do. Now, get out of here.”

He bowed his head and tried to gather his thoughts. But they were ungatherable. “Do you love me a little?”

“Of course, I do. That’s why I’m telling you to get out of here.”

“I love you.” He raised his head and looked at her.

Lindy stood, framed by the doorway. She was as lovely as ever.

He stood. “Lindy. I love you.” He marched over to her. “I want us to—-”

She huffed out a sigh. “Tim.”

“Listen to me. I don’t want us to fall apart. Give me a chance. Whatever I’ve done wrong…whatever I’m failing to do…please. Please, Lindy. Come home with me. Please. Before he even gets here, take my hand. Let’s go home. Let’s start all over. I’ll even marry you again, if you still want me.”

She looked puzzled. “Aren’t you mad at me?”

“Furious. Furious and hurt. But I love you. Lindy, I still love you. Please.” He knelt before her. “Come home.”

“You don’t hate me?”

“If I did, I would have walked out that door without you.”

“You love me. You’ve been so distant lately. I thought you didn’t care anymore.”

“I’m sorry.  That’s all my fault. Just feeling bogged down by stuff going on at work.”

“Then, turn to me. Talk to me about it. Like you used to do.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll try. I’ll try to be better. Give me a second chance, Lindy. Come home. Please come home.”

She took his hands and pulled him up. “Then. Let’s go home.”


An hour later, Jerry came home. “I’m so sorry I’m late.” He entered the living room.

And Lindy wasn’t there.



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