Prosperous Time

Time was prosperous. There was no doubt about it.

He was cautious and patient and wise when it came to investments. He didn’t jump after the hottest, of the exact moment, ones. He waited and watched and studied. Only when he was satisfied did he invest his money.

And it almost always paid off, in large sums and happy returns and generous dividends.

He lived each day in self-satisfied contentment. So very certain that he would never end. For if he died, everything else would fall apart. His end would be the end of everything.

He was so certain that he would go on living forever.

Time never expected Death to come to his mansion’s gold-leaf covered door.

He never expected Death to be a beautiful blonde in a red dress. He never expected her voice to be so full of charm and humor and genuine kindness.

Time never expected that he would leave his mansion with its gold-leaf covered door and its multitude of fountains.

He never expected Death to lead him away with sweet words and alluring promises.

Yet, she did.

And he followed her out his front door.

The sky grew dark.

Powerful trumpets sounded in the sky and trembled the foundations of the Earth.

And Time came to an end.

July Writing Prompts

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