One Lonely Lantern

One lonely lantern
Sits upon the hill.
She put it there long ago.
And it sits there still.

Once it sat
On a crowded kitchen table
Brightening everyone’s day.
But then he left.
And she had to stay.

She set the lantern
On her window sill.
It glowed steadily
A promise that she
Waited for him still.

Days came.
Days went.
Sun rose.
Sun fell.
Moon shined.
Moon faded.

But she waited
So many days and nights
Her with her lonely lantern
Waiting by her window sill.

He would come.
He would return.
So she believed.

And so she waited
As the world crashed around her
As time ran by so fast.
And present became past.
So, she waited.

The news came.
Twenty-five years
Too late.

She read the letter
Over and over.

She understood.
She accepted.

She took the lantern
From her window sill.
She took it outside.
And blew out the flame.
And she set it down
On the hill.

The hill where once
They had laughed
And lived and loved.

She set the lantern there
And left it there.
It is there still
Sitting all alone
On the top of the hill.

August Writing Prompts

6 thoughts on “One Lonely Lantern

    1. Thank you! 😊

      It was one of those cases where I read the prompt ‘One Lonely Lantern’ and I automatically imagined it sitting on a grassy hill. So, I just had to keep writing to find out why the lantern was there.

      Liked by 1 person

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