Blue Skies And Blossoms

The sky was blue and blissful.
It looked down at the flowered hill so far below.
If the sky had a mouth, it would have surely smiled.

Winter was gone and the sun was warm.
Flowers filled the fields.
Life abounded like life should.

Far down below
A man sat in a flowered field.
He waited for someone to come.

Birds sang in the sky.
Their wings — a joyful caress.
The sky longed for a voice of its own
So it could sing back to them.

Far down below
A woman in a long dress
Approached the waiting man.
He stood in joyful anticipation.

Clouds drifted across the sky’s blue.
But they were bright white
And fluffy inoffensive.
They had no inclination to gather into a storm.

Far down below
The woman spoke to the man.
He stepped back, wounded and hurt.
Her words hurt worse than physical blows.

The sun shined bright.
And the sky was blue.
White clouds danced.
White flowers nodded to the birds’ joyful songs.

Far down below
The woman turned away from the man.
She walked away.
She left him standing hurt and alone
On a beautiful blue skied day.

August Writing Prompts

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