A Touch Of Perfect

Perfect walked through the hospital’s nursery and admired all of the babies.

They were all so lovely.

Such perfection.

Fingers, noses, and toes.

Every bone.

Every patch of skin.

All perfection.

Perfection unique to that baby and the baby’s parents.

Except for one.

A quiet baby who did not scream or fuss.

Who did not display the proper attributes for a baby of that age.

Too quiet.

Too still.

A slight haze grayed her pupils when she opened her eyes.

Perfect stared at the silent baby, uncertain as to what was wrong with it.

But she knew that this baby would always need extra love and caring.

She could not take away the child’s infirmities.

But there was one thing that she could do to help.

So, she did it.

Perfect pressed her thumb against the baby’s forehead, leaving an invisible thumbprint behind.

“There, little one. You now have a small touch of perfect on you. Your parents will look at you and, despite your special needs, they will see you as perfect. They will do the best they can to care for you. They will love you. Little quiet one, you will be loved.”

September Writing Prompts

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