Abhorrent Apparition

’twas the night before Halloween and all through the house
Nothing was stirring.
Nothing at all.

I settled down in my bed with a good haunted tale to read.
And the house was still.
Not a thing stirred.

I read a tale of ghosts and spirits that dripped blood and wailed.
And all was quiet.
The house was still.

Then, as the ghosts in the story began to clamber, I heard a sound.
A clatter.
A dismal, uncertain clatter.

I thought perhaps my cat was up and about hunting mice or hunting ghosts.
But she purred
Right next to me.

And something clattered up the stairs.

I had no weapons and my cell phone was in the bathroom down the hall.
The clatter continued
Up the stairs
And down the hall.

I sat still and held my breath for it seemed to be the best line of defense.
The clatter continued
Towards my bedroom door.

I considered hiding under my blanket or perhaps underneath my bed.
The clatter continued
As my bedroom doorknob turned.

It turned and turned
Ever so slowly
So very slowly.

I couldn’t move for I was stiff afraid.


The door.



A spirit whooshed into the room.
A horrible, abhorrent spirit.

It tripped over my dresser and bumped into the ceiling.
It knocked my lampshade
Clean to the floor.

It stopped.
It held still.
It looked at me.

It spoke in a horrible, garbled voice that seemed to be designed to torment
Souls as sensitive as mine.

It said, “Moi Moi! Meesa been banished becuz meesa clumsy.
Meesa live with you, okie-day?”

It disappeared before I could respond.
But I knew.
I would never rest peacefully again.

October Writing Prompts

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