Captivating Confines

Alyssa woke with a start and sat up. Her eyes widened in surprise.

She was in the largest room that she had ever seen. Perhaps that wasn’t saying a lot, considering that her bedroom at the orphanage had been too small to be a bedroom and too narrow to be a closet. She couldn’t remember ever seeing a room bigger than that.

Yet, even with that narrow point of comparison, Alyssa’s was in awe. She could have packed at least twenty of her previous bedroom into this one and still have plenty of space left over.

Alyssa crawled off the bed and set her feet on the luxuriantly carpeted floor. She went down on her hands and knees and stroked it. It was as soft as Ms. Tarrfren’s best fur coat, the one she never let the orphanage children go anywhere near. They were never allowed to touch it. But Alyssa had touched it. Just one time and it left a permanent memory.

She rubbed her face on the carpet, delighting in the beauty of its touch. “Ms. Tarrfren’s coat wasn’t even close to as nice as this.”

A small sound caught her attention. She sat up and glanced around the room. She promptly forgot about the small sound. There was so much more to this room than the carpet and its size.

So many beautiful things.

So many delightful things.

Intricate toys. Bookshelves lined with books in gold and silver bindings. A crystal vase filled with gemstones of unusual beauty and clarity. Her own personal kitchen stocked with food and cooking supplies.

And clothes! A whole wardrobe and a closet full of clothes just for her. And they were not just the usual run-down hand-me-down jumpers and overalls. They were fantastic. Ribbons and brocade and sequins and jewels. Silk and velvet. Silver and gold and the most amazing shade of blue. Such colors! Such fabrics! Such designs! So many to choose from with shoes to match them all. And they were all for her.

She explored the whole room, delighting in every perfect detail and bit of stained glass.

She never questioned where she was or how she got there.

She forgot all about that one small sound.


The fairy slipped out of the room when Alyssa wasn’t looking. She sighed with relief.

“One orphan down. Three hundred and forty-four more to go.” She smiled. “And then I’ll have a full set.”


November Writing Prompts


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