A Piece Of Silver Sage

I think of you every day.
Every day I look for a sign.
A sign that you are with me.
That you are near.

You were my silver sage
Bright and fragrant.

I look for your shadow.
I listen for your footstep.
I hold out my hands
And hope for your touch.

You were my silver sage
A comfort and a light.

But you are not there.
But I hold out my hope
For you to touch and acknowledge.

You were my silver sage
A sweet scented dream.

My faith is trembling.
My faith is uncertain.
Maybe you will never come.
Maybe I will never see you again.

My silver sage.
You were my silver sage.

What is this?
Tucked in between these pages
Inside this book.


It is a piece of silver sage.
And it still smells sweet.

November Writing Prompts


6 thoughts on “A Piece Of Silver Sage

    1. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ And thank you for choosing my story as your favorite of the month! That was a pleasant surprise, especially considering all of the responses you got for November’s prompts.

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