Venom And Tears

Experiment #3A8B745 stood, shivering and panting in the tube. He didn’t know what they did to him this time.

But that was nothing new.

He never knew what experiments they ran on him. After all, he was no longer human.

He was a test subject.

He was a guinea pig.

He had no rights, no say in what they poked and stabbed and injected into him.

This was no different.

But something was different.

He felt different.

He felt so cold.

He shivered and rubbed his bare, scaled arms.

There was a time that rubbing his arms would make the scales flake off, exposing the soft human skin underneath.

That time was long gone.

The scales were his skin.

Even though it did nothing to warm him up, he kept rubbing his arms. It felt good. It made him feel almost normal, almost human again.

He tried to remember his life before all of this pain and misery began.

He failed.

He couldn’t remember anything.

He couldn’t even remember his own name.

His chest rose and fell in shuddered breaths.

Thick, clear glue-like tears sludged down his face.

Yes. This was definitely something different.

He tapped a long, claw-like finger against one of the tears. The teardrop sat on his fingertip, looking a lot like a blister that needed to be popped.

He lightly pressed his thumb against it. The tear gave a little. It did not pop.

He rubbed his finger over its surface. It was cold and clean feeling.

“Okay, Experiment #3A8B745.”

He raised his head as one of his tormentors entered the room.

“It’s time for some more fun and games.” He punched in a code in the panel next to the experiemnt’s tube.

Experiment #3A8B745 looked down at the tear on his fingertip.

What would happen if it popped?

What was inside that pliable shell? Just the usual tear components?

But he was not human anymore.

He was a monster of green scales and thick glue-like tears.

He raised his head as the tube rose upwards.

If he still had lips, he would have smiled.

It was time to do a small experiment of his own.

He punched the human in the gut, who opened his mouth wide in a stunned gasp.

Experiment #3A8B745 quickly scraped the tear into the man’s mouth.

The man accidently swallowed it. His eyes widened in fear. “No. nononono…”

The Experiment watched the man drop to his knees.

He watched him gasp for breath, watched his gasps become thin wheezes.

The man collapsed. His wheezes stopped. His body went still.

Experiment #3A8B745 looked towards the open door. He didn’t hesitate.

He ran for freedom.

Maybe it would be only for a few minutes.

Maybe they would capture him and lock him down.

But he would gladly go down trying.


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