The Daily Spur Presents….Well. I Guess I’m A Rooster Now.

Being turned into a rooster didn’t really shock Sayna as much as she expected it too. It was one of those things that had been a long time coming. Irritate the wrong kind of witch enough times and something just had to happen.


It happened.

Irina the witch had turned Sayna into a rooster.

Again, that didn’t really surprise her.

Being dumped and football-kicked into the woods….Now, that. That had been a big surprise.

Sayna muttered rooster curses under her breath.

Too bad it hadn’t been a good surprise.

Sayna flapped her wings and hopped-flew over to the nearest body of water. It was a mud puddle, but it still counted as a body of water. She examined her new self as best as she could.

She muuucked and clucked in annoyance.

It was an unavoidable truth. She was definitely a rooster.

Not a hen.

A rooster.

Being turned into the wrong gender annoyed her even more than the fact that she was no longer human.

She flapped her wings and hopped-flew back to town.

She would get Irina to change her back.

Or, at the very least, change her into a hen.

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