The Rules Of Rejection

The rules of rejection are all very simple.
There aren’t that many.
Just a significant few.

First, you must meet someone you like.
Someone you really, really like.
Someone who makes you go, “OOoo! Who are you?”

Second, you must build up your confidence.
That is very essential to be rejected.
You must be willing to take a chance.
This will be the hardest rule of all.

Third, you must approach that someone
That someone who you really, really like.
You must approach them and confess your feelings for them.
This will be the second hardest rule.

Four, that someone you like
Someone you really, really like
Will turn you down.

Maybe they’ll be nice about it.
Maybe they won’t.
Maybe they’ll be heartless and horrible.

No matter how they go about it,
You must proceed to
Five, beg and plead and make a scene.
Throw yourself at their knees and wail for a chance.

Of course, they will not give you a chance.
So, you must proceed to
Six, go to the store
Buy the biggest and most decadent gallon of ice cream.
Take it home.

Seven, cry and sniffle and eat your ice cream.
Hate him and loathe him and miss him and want him.
Send him text messages telling him how horrible he is.
Send him text messages telling him how wonderful he is.

He won’t respond to either.
So, move on to
Eight, either keep your misery all bottled up or

Nine, tell everyone you know and love how you’ve been wronged.
Diss him and all of his friends and all of his family to everyone you know.
The pain and humiliation will still be there and it will linger on

Ten, you find someone knew.
And you start all over again.

And you hope all over again
For the best.

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