Erica’s Bodyguard

Erica hated having a bodyguard.

Oh, she understood the need for him, especially in her line of work. There was always someone gunning for her head and there always would be. It was unavoidable. It was expected.

She needed him.

That didn’t stop her from wishing she could sneak out of the house and go to a late night rave party. Or run away to the Himalayas. Or go so many other places without her constant shadow.

The trouble was, she had never been without him. She couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t there, standing silently at her side.

What would it be like to escape his continuous presence?

Would it feel like exhilarating freedom? Or gut-clenching fear?

Would she feel vulnerable and exposed?

Would she miss him?

Erica looked at the man standing next to her and she knew.

Without him, she would feel naked.

She would feel uncertain.

She would feel weak.

She would be unable to move.


Chris stood at her side as he did.

As he always did.

He would protect Erica.

He would always protect her. It was his job. Without her, he’d be back on the unemployment line.

Without her…

He tried to imagine a life without her.

Where would he go? Where would he live? Who would he be with if he weren’t with her around the clock?

The trouble was, he had been with her for so long. He couldn’t imagine being without her.

He couldn’t imagine a life where he was not protecting her and standing beside her.

Chris cast a furtive look at her.

He didn’t want to imagine a life without Erica, no matter how alluring it might be.


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