She Finally Disappeared.

At the corner of 15th and 8th, she finally disappeared.

It was inevitable. It was bound to happen. It just had to happen and so it did.

But it didn’t happen by accident.

But it wasn’t intentional either.

It was a steady progression.

Over the days.






Hours and hours and hours.

She had faded.

The color leaked out of her hair and then it left her face.

Her eyes.

Her skin.

Her fingernails and toenails. She would put nailpolish on them, but the color never stayed.

But she didn’t fade into white or black or even gray. She faded into a nondescript color that wasn’t much of anything. It was too uninteresting to attach a color name to it.

People bypassed her.

People ignored her.

People interrupted her conversations without meaning to be rude.

Her cat ignored her.

Her dog sat at the door wondering when she’d come home, even though she was standing right next to him and patting his head.

Her husband sighed and gave up on ever seeing her again. He sold the house and moved with the dog and the cat to another city. She had packed her suitcases with him and put them in their car. The sight of the old pink suitcase sitting next to his scuffed up brown leather suitcase made him tear up. “I don’t know how it got in the car, but I can’t leave it behind.”

But he left her behind.

She’d run into the house to make sure that the back door light was left on. When she returned to the driveway, the car was gone.

Her cat and dog were gone.

Her husband was gone and she was left alone.

She stood still in a shocked state of mind.

She was all alone and homeless.

She took a step forward, but she couldn’t feel her feet on the ground. She took another step. Same lack of sensation.

But she kept walking.

She had no destination in mind.

No one noticed her.

No one saw her.

People bumped into her without apologizing.

People walked right through her without feeling as much as a cold chill.

She raised her hands in front of her face. She could see through them. The view was warped, like looking through rippled glass.

She put her hand above her heart and wondered when was the last time she felt her chest rise and fall.

She couldn’t remember.

She couldn’t remember what that even felt like, nor the beat of her heart.

She turned the corner of 15th and 8th and it happened.

She finally disappeared.

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