The Answer To Everything Too Late

On top of the pile was the answer to everything. And even then, there was nothing they could do.

Suzanne picked up the printout from the thick stack of papers near the printer.

She read it over.

She read it over.

She read it over.

Even as the world outside of the office burned, Suzanne read the printout. She smiled. “Look!” she told the empty office. “The answer is right there. The answer to everything. It was here the whole time. If only we had read it in time. We could have made a difference.”

So, I’ll read it over.

For everyone who failed to read it, I’ll read it.

I’ll read it over and over.

The glass windows in the front lobby warped and wobbled and melted into slog. The flames stole into the lobby and devoured everything in sight.

Suzanne didn’t move.

She kept reading the printout.

“The answer is right there. Look, everyone. The answer is right—-”

June Writing Prompts

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