The Radiator

Ice Princess picked up Solar Guy’s weapon: The Radiator. Even with the solar power cell removed, Ice Princess had to be careful handling it. One wrong touch could singe her fingers down to the bones. It could theoretically melt her bones.

Of course, she had never tested that theory. It sounded close enough to the truth and she was content with believing it.

The Radiator always reminded her of him. Solar Guy with his perfect physique, his golden blond hair.

The Radiator always reminded her of how hard she had fallen for him. In retrospect, it was inevitable. They were such polar opposites. Of course, they had to fall in love and, when that went wrong, they had to become mortal enemies.

They were incapable of neutral ground. It was either love or hate. Unfortunately, hate won the day.

Killing him was likewise inevitable and she had done it so quickly, running on pure adrenaline and instinct. Protecting herself was something she was exceptionally good at. She had done it all of her life.

He had been the only one to slip through the cracks in her barriers. She had given her heart to him and he had given his to her. Then, he had met Solar Storm.

Ice Princess ran her gloved fingers over the yellow and orange weapon.

Solar Storm was perfect for him.

He had tried to resist. Ice Princess had to give him that much credit. He hadn’t given in right away. He tried to resist Solar Storm’s sunny disposition and her sweet charm.

He crumpled.

He gave in.

He left Ice Princess and ran away with Solar Storm.

Ice Princess glided her finger over the trigger.

She hadn’t given them a chance to run too far. She caught them. Her heart had hardened into the blackest ice.

She had killed them both.

She had claimed his weapon: The Radiator. It reminded her of him every time she looked at it.

Ice Princess carefully put the weapon back into its display case, which stood in the middle of her living room.

She looked at it every day.

June Writing Prompts

5 thoughts on “The Radiator

    1. Thank you so much! This story was based off a writing prompt: “The radiator always reminded her of him.” I was going to be literal and have her think of all the ways that a radiator reminded her of her lost love. But then I came up with this idea and I liked how unexpected it was. So, I decided to go with it instead.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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