Tangerine Zing

Author’s Note: This is an alternate take on the first meeting between Isellta and Robin, two of my characters from my other blog. I thought it would be interesting to twist their meeting into a What If? scenario and see what happens differently. Just for the fun of it. 😀

Isellta Mal Hoven walked down the sidewalk, looking neither to the left nor to the right. He was running an errand for Olessa Caten and she had told him to make it quick.

He knew better than to disregard her orders.

Then, he passed the Your Junk = My Treasures store front. Something shined sharp in the store’s white spotlights.

Isellta stopped and returned to the store front. He looked inside and gasped.

Strange metal objects that had seen better days and probably better nights were arranged in an artistic pattern on a plain denim backing.

Isellta flared out his large black fey wings and flapped them.

Such straight lines.

So…interesting. I don’t know what they are. I wish I could touch them.

He spread his delicate hands on the glass.

The zinged scent of tangerines caught his attention.

“Hey.” a man behind him said. “You’re gonna get hand smears all o’er the window.”

“Oh.” Isellta turned around and something inside of him leaped.

A handsome young man with dark brown eyes and tousled brown hair stood behind him. He met Isellta’s gaze. His pupils widened in surprise. “I. Uh. umm.” He cleared his throat. “Don’t go botherin’ with this place. They ain’t got anythin’ in there worth nothin’. Ain’t any treasure in there. Just all junk.”

“Oh. I don’t know about that. They’re such mysterious things. I wish I could go in there.”

“Tsk! So go in there. What’s the big freakin’ deal?”

“Well. They’re closed for the day.”

The handsome man smiled mischievously. “Way I look at it, there’s two things we could do:  Wait until tomorrow and go in when it’s opened.”

“That makes—”

“Or we could go sneakin’ inside right now. Just you and me.”

Isellta gaped. “What?”

“How ’bout it?”

Olessa will be angry if I…if I…

He looked back at the shining mysteries in the window. “Oh, it’s so tempting.” He carefully thought it over.

“You got anythin’ better to do right now?”

Isellta smiled. “No.” He looked at him and his wings fluttered. “Nothing at all.”

“Good.” He took Isellta’s hand into his own hand. “Name’s Robin Hastings. What’s yours?”

The sight of their joined hands gave the young fey such very strange feelings. He didn’t know what it was. He had no word for it – not in English, nor in Fey. He just knew that it wasn’t a bad feeling.

It was really quite nice.

“Hey, you gonna tell me your name or what?”

“Isellta. Isellta Mal Hoven.”

Robin smiled and it transformed his face. It was like turning on the lights in a beautiful room. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, ‘sellta. Come on. Let’s see how we can sneak inside.”

Isellta wordlessly nodded his head.

Olessa was completely forgotten.

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