Silky Submersions

Tristin stood on the shore, watching the sun set. He had been given three days.

Just three days.

It shouldn’t have been so difficult. His face was still his face. She should have recognized him even without his voice.

She should have known that it was him.

She didn’t.

She didn’t know him at all.

No recognition.

He had tried so hard and failed. Three days of trying. Three days of failing.

Tristin heard the sound of her laughter in the salted seaweed air. He glanced back.

She ran across the beach. Her bright red hair flowing behind her head like a horse’s mane.

The familiar pinprick sensation came over his legs.

If only.

The sensation deepened into a dagger’s stabbing.

If only.

Tristin winced and cringed as the pain worsened. He staggered into the water. His feet became clumsy. His legs became unstable. He tripped and fell face first.


Sea water.

Silken memories.

He crawled through the waves, trying to get to the deeper water before she could see him. He didn’t want her to see him like this.

Not now.

Time was up.

His legs fused together. His feet joined at the ankles and lengthened into graceful fins. His slacks dissolved into scales.

His arm fins broke through his skin.

He pulled the white shirt off and threw it into the surf.

He swam through the water.

The silken, familiar water.

It revived something inside him. He could feel it inside his marrow. He could feel it inside his throat.

Tristin opened his mouth wide and the music poured from his throat.

Music of sunrises and sunsets.

Music of waves and storms.

Music of mermaids and mermen.


Out on the shore, Ariel stopped running.

Music filled the air.

Sweet music.

Sad music.

Music that tugged at her.

Music that she knew.

Music that haunted her dreams.

She looked to the sea.

Just as the sun fully set.


August Writing Prompts

12 thoughts on “Silky Submersions

    1. Thank you!

      I almost ended it without that whole second half. Tristin turned back into a merman and got his voice back and that was that. But then I thought “What if the girl he liked wasn’t just a nameless redhead? What if she were someone he used to know? What if she were Ariel after she became human?” That idea intrigued me. So, that whole last half grew from there.

      Liked by 1 person

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