The Thumbprint Thief

“In other news, Nicolas Vernes, also known as The Thumbprint Thief, has died of natural causes. He was known for stealing the thumbprints of the rich and famous and oh so beautiful. His methods for stealing the thumbprints were top secret and terribly mysterious. No one ever caught him doing it. The thumbprints were never found, all except for Angela Bassett’s. The FBI found her thumbprint on his bathroom mirror. Very mysterious.  His arrest was applauded by many of the elites of Hollywood society, even though there were many who believed that he was innocent. But, in the court of popular opinion, he was guilty. He managed to do it somehow. But no one knows how. I would like to say that this is a great and tragic loss, but everyone knows that it really isn’t. I’m going to wrap this up by saying that…He was 52 years old.” The newscaster smiled at her fellow newscaster with a plastic-like smile. “How about that, John?”

John shrugged. “All I can say is, one can never tell.”


Angela Bassett flicked a smug smile at the TV screen. “Oh, yes.” She flipped the page in her scrapbook. “One can never tell.” She tapped the blank spot between Cate Blanchett and Robert de Niro. “I just need Drew Carey and Jim Carrey and my collection will be complete.”

August Writing Prompts

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