Don’t Eat The Watermelon Snow!

Teacher told us not to eat the watermelon snow. My question is: If they don’t want us to eat it, why call it watermelon snow? Why not call it poison snow or bad snow or slimy bloody nose snow?

Calling it watermelon snow makes it sound like shaved ice with watermelon syrup added to it. Sounds good and sugary. What kid in their right mind is going to pass that up?

I don’t know about adults sometimes. They like making things way too confusing. I sure won’t be that way when I grow up. I’ll keep things nice and simple and unconfusing. If we get pink snow when I grow up, I’ll be sure to tell my kids “Don’t eat the medicinal snow.” Or maybe “Don’t eat the plastic diarrhea snow.” That should make it sound gross and unappetizing.

I will never call it watermelon snow. That’s for sure.

September 2019 Writing Prompts

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