Bewitched By You Am I.

Author’s Note: Didi Oviatt has a new WIP Challenge for this month and it is….Bewitched! Take your characters and put them under the spell of all spells. You can take this any ‘witch’ way you’d like. This was my take on it..

Isellta put the black witch’s hat on top of his blond hair and studied his reflection.

Black nail polish on his fingernails.

Elbow-length black lace gloves with no fingers. It was a strange, nonsensical concept the more he thought about it. They were gloves, but they had no fingers, which meant that they really weren’t gloves. But if they weren’t gloves, what were they? He had no idea.

Isellta flexed his fingers. “These gloves don’t make sense, but I like how they feel and how they make me feel.”

A close fitting black velvet vest with sequins and crystals sewn around the armholes.

Tight black jeans with a shiny gold zipper.

Isellta’s wings flittered at the sight of the zipper. “It’s so obvious. Everyone’s attention will be drawn down to it. I don’t want them to stare at that part of me.”

I could magically turn it into a plain black zipper. But I want Robin to see the full effect. I want to see his reaction.

Isellta flapped his wings.

Robin can be terribly nonsensical, but I think he’ll like it.

His wings flapped harder as he imagined it.

“I can change it into a plain zipper afterwards.”

Isellta slipped on the metal and gemstone studded slippers that had come with the costume. He gave himself one more look over and felt satisfied with what he saw. “Now to go find Robin.”

He turned around. Just as the bedroom door opened.

Robin barged into the room. “Darnation! I feel like a freakin’—” He stopped short at the sight of Isellta’s costume.

Isellta’s wings flared out in surprise.

Robin was dressed up in an open purple and gold embroidered vest that showed off his bare chest, gold and silver streaked harem pants, and curled-toed gold slippers. A gold hoop earring hung from his right ear. It looked suspiciously like a cheap clip on. His brown hair was its standard mess.

“‘sellta. You look…you…” His gaze travelled up and down Isellta’s costume.

Isellta stared at Robin’s bare arms, his bare neck and chest. “Robin. You are beautiful.”

Robin scoffed. “Yeah, me with my scarred up eye and my scarred up face. Real beautiful, that’s me.”

Isellta walked over to him. He touched the starting point of Robin’s scar – right in the middle of his forehead – and ran his finger all the way down.

Through Robin’s eyebrow.

Through Robin’s eye.

His cheek.

Underneath his jaw.

“Yes.” Isellta said softly. “Very beautiful.”

“Nice compliment and all, but I ain’t a thing like you. You ain’t beautiful, Isellta.” He laid his hand along the side of Isellta’s face. “You’re freakin’ bewitchin’. Right from the moment I saw you. That’s when it all started. You bewitched me, Isellta Mal Hoven, and I ain’t ever wanna break your spell on me.” He moved in closer and kissed him, accidently knocking the witch’s hat clean off Isellta’s head. “I love you.”

Isellta didn’t even try to respond to any of that, even though his heart was full of words. He threw his arms around Robin’s neck and pulled him into a full kiss.

He sent a single thought at Robin….I love you too.

8 thoughts on “Bewitched By You Am I.

    1. Thank you so much!

      It took me a while to come up with Isellta’s costume. I was aiming for male witch with shiny accents. 😆 I almost made him wear velvet leggings, but it didn’t quite go with the vague mental image I had. So, I was like, “Ehh, I’ll put tight black jeans on him. That works.”

      As for Robin’s costume, I knew I wanted him to wear an open vest. The rest of his costume fell into place after that. I was like “Open vest…and this and this and this AND a gold earring.”

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