Love’s Bewitchment

Author’s Note: I decided to do a second story for Didi Oviatt’s October WIP Challenge. Just for the fun of it. This is a touch of a possible future with my two favorite vampire hunters. Just a possible future. No real spoilers here. 😉 

Elsie woke up and Hildreth wasn’t there. She sat up in a panic. “Hildreth?”

He didn’t respond.


Still no response.

She fumbled with her blankets and tumbled out of bed. Her black hair frizzed all over her head.

Where is he?


She ran into the bathroom.

The light was off.

No one was in there.

“Hildreth!” She ran out of the bedroom and down the hall.

If he isn’t here…

What if he isn’t here?

I’m overreacting.

He’s okay.

He’s safe.


The sound of Hildreth’s laughter came from their daughter’s bedroom.

Elsie darted over to the door and opened it.

Hildreth sat on their daughter’s bed. He was still dressed in his pajamas – navy blue with white trim. “So, your mom grabbed the fey by the front of her flimsy shirt and she said—” His voice went up into an uneasy falsetto, “—‘Keep your ghetto slum hands off my man!'”

“She said that? Mommy really said that?”

Elsie leaned against the doorframe and smirked.

He sounds like a severely drunk Miss Piggy.

“Yes, she really said that and she said it just like that.” He laughed again. “If you had seen her, you would have hid under your bed for a full week. She was so angry, so beautifully fierce. I fell even more in love with her.”

“Tell me a story about you.”

“About me? Hmm. Do you want a good story or a ghost story?”

She bounced on her bed. “A! Ghost! Sto! Ry!”

“All right, but you’ll have to sit still and listen carefully. And keep in mind: This story is completely true.”


Elsie watched his expression as he spoke to their daughter. How he was completely engaged in talking to her.

He focused only on her.

His green-blue eyes sparkled.

His laughter brightened something inside of Elsie.

I love him.

He enchants me.

He bewitches me in so many ways.

I can’t imagine not having this handsome idiot in my life.

Their daughter let out a yelp and hid under her blanket.”Then what happened?”


Elsie smiled.

And to think that I ever wanted Ambrose Smith. What a dope I was.

She entered the room.

Hildreth raised his head and smiled at her. “Hey, Els. Come to join our party?”

She sat next to him on the bed. “Yes. Continue your story.”

“Oh yes, Ma’am. Do you want me to start over?”

She put her hand on his upper leg.

He took a deep breath.

“Just keep going.”

Hildreth exhaled and nodded. He resumed his ghost story.

Elsie watched him as he talked.

Without trying to, he’s spinning a web of enchantment around me.

With every word.

Every gesture.

Every smile.

Just the sound of his voice.

And I am lost.

Hopelessly lost in a magic spell that he is weaving.

Lost and joyously bewitched.

7 thoughts on “Love’s Bewitchment

    1. Aww! Thank you so much!

      Hildreth is easily one of my favorite characters to write, especially with his playful sense of humor and his tendency to do the most unexpected things. I’m glad you like him too. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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