What Is Normal?

Author’s Note: This story was based on a comment I had made on Vampire Maman’s recent post. She challenged me to write a story about it. So, here it is!


If a person has seen ghosts and other paranormal creatures all of their life, could they say that is their normal? Would them losing that ability to see the paranormal make them feel abnormal?

Christine read that line over and over — could they say that is their normal?


She underlined that one word with her finger.


It’s everything I wanted to be. I don’t want to be a freak, but I am one. I don’t want to see vampires and ghouls and ghosts and fairies, but I do. If someone took that away from me, I wouldn’t be abnormal. I wouldn’t feel abnormal. I would be normal.

A melancholic dripping on the tile floor made Christine lower her newspaper. “Oh!”

Gahanna Trelurie stood in her usual place, dripping blood from the stab wound in her side. “Look.” Her voice was like papers rustling in a winter snow’s breeze. “He did this to me. Look.” She held out her mutilated hands and dripped even more blood on the floor.

Christine sighed. “You’re just lucky that’s spectral blood. If that blood were real hemoglobin and red blood cells and blood stains kind of blood, I’d get you scrubbing that floor.”

Gahanna lowered her hands. “Look.”

Christine raised the newspaper. “Not during breakfast.”

The dripping stopped.

Christine peeked over the newspaper’s top edge.

Gahanna was gone and there was no blood on the floor.

Is this sort of thing really normal? Well, I guess it’s normal enough for me. I’ve seen it all my life with no holidays or vacation time.

I’ve never told anyone.

Even as a child, I knew that it was the kind of secret that wasn’t meant to be shared. Don’t let them see. Don’t let them know. Play the role of perfectly normal little girl and win a major award for best performance by a child actor.

Quadraquille the fairy flew out of the fireplace and darted dragonfly-like to Christine’s face. She squeaked and squawked a tale of woe and misery. Cartoon-styled tears fountained out of her eyes.

“It’s okay. I’ll clean out the gutters later.”

Her crying crescendoed.

“I promise. I will take care of it later. Let me enjoy my breakfast.”

The fairy squeaked a fast question.

“Yes, I will keep my promise. I always do, you know.”

Quadraquille smiled and a small rainbow appeared above her head. She flew back to the fireplace and disappeared.

I don’t even know what it would be like to live my life without them…all of these others. Maybe it is true.

Maybe I would feel off if I couldn’t see them anymore.

Maybe I wouldn’t feel right.

Maybe I wouldn’t feel normal.

I don’t know.

Maybe I should find out.

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