Blue Shades And You

I don’t remember much these days.
Not the present.
Not too much of the past.
The memories I do have are
Shades of what they used to be.

Shades of color
Of mermaid blue
Of blue lagoons
Of stormed seas and oceans foam.

I remember the shade
Of deep black midnight blue
Of Callista’s and Calypso’s blue eyes.
Of oceaned kisses and lake filled tears.

I remember the blue and white
Of the morning sky
Of kites flying oh…oh…
So high.
Of summered dreams and blueberried fields.

I remember
Blue sapphires
Blue dresses
Blue harmonies
Blue suits.

I remember the
Blueness of you.
Strange, isn’t it?
The small things that
I do

October 2019 Writing Prompts

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