The Daily Spur Presents….The Truth

Levi had heard the truth so many times, but he never believed it. He denied it. He rejected it.

He wanted to believe the truth of himself. Of his own reality. Of his certainty of his identity.

He rejected the truth as they told him it was so.

He knew that he was right. In a frantic desperation, he knew that he was right.

Then, he discovered the mainframe and the motherboard.

It was an accident.

It never should have happened and yet it did. He found what no other had found before – the mainframe and the motherboard. Streaks of empty white light lined the motherboard. Sporadic squares and bytes of color enlivened the white light’s monotony. Without understanding what he was seeing, he understood.

This was the world. This was his home. His family. His life. The lives of everyone all laid out in blank rectangles and colored squares.

None of them were real.

They were nothing but gigabytes and megabytes in an elaborate, well-rendered game.

He stood stock-still and wondered.

Can I make my own choices?

Are my decisions my own?

He inhaled sharply.

What happens if I destroy this board of lights and colors? Will I destroy myself and my family and the entire world?

If so, what happens after we’re destroyed?

What happens to us?

Do we disappear for good?

Or will we live on?

Should I find out?

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