Writing About….The Hamilton Soundtrack —- Summary of Act One

Author’s Note:   This is just for the fun of it. I was going to do the whole musical, but that would have made for a very long post. So, I’m splitting it into two parts: Act One and Act Two. Without any further ado, here is act one of the Hamilton soundtrack all nicely summarized. (spoilers abound….so consider yourself warned).


1. Alexander Hamilton

Here’s our main guy, Alexander Hamilton. Time for some introductions and a touch of backstory before we ship him off to New York City

2. Aaron Burr, Sir

Oh! Hi, Aaron Burr! We’re going to be bros and best drinking buddies forever! Right? Ooo…But who’s this raucous trio of young men? I think Ii want them to be my bros and drinking buddies too.

3. My Shot

I am definitely never going to throw away my shot. Got it? Good.

4. The Story of Tonight

Ohhh, yeah. Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, and John Laurens are my bros and excellent drinking buddies. I heart you guys! So Much!

5. The Schuyler Sisters

Three hot, rich chicks. They’re just hanging around the city watching all the guys at work. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna marry at least one of those girls.

6. Farmer Refuted

Watch out, Samuel Seabury. Here I come to crash yo’ speech!

7. You’ll Be Back

King George is a creepy ex-boyfriend. Nothing more to say about that.

8. Right Hand Man

Washington needs a right hand man. Sorry, Burr. You don’t get the job. I do. Sorry! But we’re still pals, right?

9. A Winter’s Ball

Me and my bros are going to a ball and we are so ready to rock! Yeah!

10. Helpless

Remember what I said about those Schuyler sisters? Yeah. I totally married one. Yay for me!

11. Satisfied

Angelica Schuyler isn’t quite satisfied with me marrying her younger sister, Eliza. I guess she was hoping to marry me? Maybe? Oh, well.

12. The Story of Tonight (Reprise)

Ohhhh, yeeeeeahhhh. Me and my bros are so drunk right now. Except for Burr. He has an unlawful lover. What with her being married and married to a British officer. I’m probably going to have a bad hangover tomorrow.

13. Wait For It

Burr has so much frustration and angst…and I guess he’s jealous about me being so incredibly awesome?? Maybe I’m misunderstanding him. I’m gonna go lie down.

14. Stay Alive

Good thing I got that nap in. We’re thick in the heat of things. I’m writing ALL of Washington’s correspondence. We’re not getting enough supplies to fight. And Washington refuses to entrust me with a command. He promotes Charles Lee, instead. Worst. Idea. Ever.

15. Ten Duel Commandments

Charles Lee is a jerk. So, John Laurens is going to face him in a duel. We’re gonna give you the instructions to duel properly and then we’ll get right to it. Burr and I agree that dueling is dumb, stupid, and immature. Go, Laurens! Go!

16. Meet Me Inside

Good news? Laurens won. Bad news? Washington found out about the duel. He ain’t happy about it. I tried to tell him that we did it for his sake, but he wasn’t impressed. He kept calling me son and I lost my cool right in his face. Guess what? I got a quick ticket back home.

17. That Would Be Enough

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! My wife’s all pregnant and no one took the time to tell me about it? What the heck! Aww, but she’s being so cute and lovely. How could I stay mad? Answer: Can’t.

18. Guns And Ships

Washington needs me to come on back into the war. Love you, Eliza, but I gotta go. Bye!

19. History Has Its Eyes On You

Washington gives me some good advice about legacy and history and such.

20. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

Me and my bros – Lafayette, Mulligan, and Laurens – show the power of our amazing comradery. We win the final battle at Yorktown. We are soooo gonna go to a bar and get ourselves happy drunk.

21.What Comes Next?

King George is a creepy bitter ex-boyfriend. Nothing more to add.

22.Dear Theodosia



Well! Burr and I are lawyers now. I talk a lot. Burr is easily annoyed and he easily annoys me. Why can’t he just take a side? What is he sidetaking phobic or something? On a positive note, I wrote more essays than James Madison and John Jay put together. What can I say? I’m a writing machine. I write like it’s going out of style and like I’m running out of time. Oh, and by the way, Eliza? I’m going to run off with Washington. Love you, hun! Byyyyyeeeee!

And just let the record state….I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT!

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