A Cozy Holiday For Two

Author’s Note: Didi Oviatt has a new WIP challenge. What is it this time?  Well, this time it’s entitled “Cozy Holiday at Home”. In case that doesn’t quite answer your question, here’s the full deal per Didi: “This month I want to do a scene that’s a bit more heart felt in order to truly sink into the spirit of giving thanks. I want to get to know your characters in their own home settings. I want to get to know how a holiday would be in their most intimate comfort zones! Do something sweet and selfless, or something chaotic and true to their unique persana… but do it at home. Good luck writers! I’m looking forward to exploring the homes of your WIP characters!!”

With that all said, here is my scene!


Hildreth came down the stairs in his boxer shorts, tank top, and bare feet. He yawned and rubbed his eyes.

He’d had great plans of sleeping in until noon. But Elsie had other plans. Plans that involved waking up at the crack of dawn and going downstairs.

He had tried to sleep on without her in the bed, but she wasn’t there. The bed felt empty and cold. He couldn’t sleep.

So, he trudged down the stairs at 7:30 in the morning.

I should pick her up, toss her over my shoulder, and haul her back upstairs. She would be furious. But who knows? She might like it.

Hildreth straggled into the kitchen, looking a lot like a little kid who just wanted to go back to bed. He just needed a blanket to drag after him to fully complete that picture. “Elsie. I—”

He stopped short. A wide grin spread across his face.

Elsie stood at the kitchen counter with a raw turkey plunked before her. Close-fitted rubber gloves covered her hands all the way down to her wrists and half-way down her forearms. A surgical mask covered her nose and mouth. A shower cap concealed most of her frizzy black hair. A few strands had wiggled out from under the elastic band.

He laughed out loud.

“Don’t laugh.” she said. “Cleaning a turkey is a high risk venture. Do you have any idea how many germs are in and on this thing? It’s more than what’s on and in a chicken.”

“Oh, I love you.” He came over to Elsie and stopped behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist. “This was so worth getting up early for.”


“Mmm.” He kissed an exposed corner of her face. “Do you want me to take over?”

“After I’ve gone through all of this trouble? No. I can do this. But stay here. Don’t leave me.”

“And miss this charming sight? Uhhh, no. I am going to soak this moment into all of my memory banks. Every single one of them.”

She laughed and stuck her hand inside the turkey. She pulled out several packets of giblets and one mysterious package that was filled with a black squishy fluid. It literally and audibly squished when she squeezed it. “I have no idea what this is.”

“I’m thinking it might be…” He took it from her and examined it. “No, there aren’t any markings on it. Nothing that says, “This is our fabulous, voluminous gravy. Be sure to drizzle generously all over the bare naked turkey.” He swished it back and forth. “Should I open it?”

“Don’t you dare! It could be spoiled. It could be something toxic.”

“Mmm, now I do want to open it. What do you suppose it tastes like?” He licked his lips.

“Hildreth Mayhew! Put that thing in the garbage right now or else.”

He grinned mischievously at her. “Or else what?” He went into a defensive position with the mysterious packet still in his hands. “You’ll punch me?”

“I would, but you never, ever fight back. All you do is block. You never fully challenge me. You never make me afraid that you’ll knock me out. You play it far too safe, Mayhew!”

He relaxed his position and set the packet on the counter. He cupped her masked face in between his hands. “I will never hurt you. Elsie, you will always be safe with me.” He kissed every spot of exposed facial skin. “I love you. ” he murmured soft and warm.

Elsie pulled off her gloves, lowered her mask, and grabbed the hair on the sides of his head. “You idiot. I love you.”

“I’m so happy, so thankful, so proud that you’re mine.” He kissed her again, but it was not on the side of her head. Nor was it along a mask’s borders.

She dug her fingers deeper into his hair.

He laughed, a tickled, delirious laugh, even as she returned his kiss.


The turkey sat on the counter, patiently waiting for them to remember its existence.

Good thing it was so patient.

It had a very long wait.


4 thoughts on “A Cozy Holiday For Two

    1. Thank you so much! I love showing the dynamics between them.

      When I was trying to decide what to do with this prompt, I had a sudden mental image of Elsie wearing a surgical mask and latex gloves as she’s unstuffing the turkey. It was such a strong and awesome image I just had to go with it. 😆 Plus, it amuses me that a fierce vampire hunter like her could be such a germaphobe.

      Liked by 1 person

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