Broadway Night Blues

The show was going to be a flop. It was the plain and expected truth. All of the cast members worked hard on meeting their marks, memorizing their lines, projecting heart and emotion with all of their might. But they knew it was all for naught.

The show was going to flop so hard it would crack and splinter the stage. The sandbags would spontaneously drop from their places in the rafters. The sound of its flop would echo and reverberate all the way to the dark side of the moon.

Then, opening night arrived. All of the actors and all of the musicians did their ultimate best to convince the audience that a musical named Adolf would surely beat a simple musical named Evita.

To no one’s surprise, it flopped. Despite all of their best efforts, the show tanked and flopped and died and buried itself in an unmarked grave. It became a small footnote in Broadway musical history. A small blip that made people wonder, “Did that really happen?” “Who would even want to make a musical about him?” “I’ve heard a few songs from the show. If you can disconnect your brain from the subject matter, it is very beautiful music. But…well. How do you disconnect your brain from something like that?”

The show has never resurfaced from that first death. No revivals.  No movie productions. No high school productions. Nothing.

It just died and faded away, with the exception of a song or two that stuck with certain famous singers. But they never said what musical those songs were from, pushing the musical further and further into Broadway musical obscurity.

And that is where it is now.

Forgotten and obscure.

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