A Magic Cow And A Giant Cat

There was once a magic cow named Nessadorma. She lived in a small cornfield in Ohio, which was plenty of proof that she was magical.

At least, that’s what Nessadorma believed. After all, what normal, non-magical cow would live in a cornfield in Ohio? None. That’s what.

Being a cow, she didn’t quite know what magic she possessed. Cows generally didn’t go running amuck, working magic willy-nilly. They were peaceful homebodies who left that sort of wildness to rednecked ponies, hillbilly goats, and unexplained chickens.

Yet, she could feel it inside of her. It was magic and it flowed through her. There was no doubt about it. She didn’t know how to access it or what to even do with it. She simply stayed in her cornfield, chewed her cud, and waited for an interested quest party to come passing through, for that was what decent cows did.

Nessadorma may have been a magical cow, but she still considered herself to be a decent cow.

Then, one day….

Nessadorma grabbed a mouthful of cornstalks and chewed them in a calm and thoughtful matter. She knew that she’d have to figure out her magic at some point in time. Not that there was any rush. She simply wondered about it. She thought it would be nice to finally figure it out.

She flicked her long tail as a giant cat plowed through the cornfield.

As giant cats went, he was probably on the smaller side. He was only as tall as Nessadorma. If anything, he was two feet taller. So, he was a small giant cat.

“Welll.” The giant cat sized up Nessadorma. “I’m thinking you’d make a delightful snack.”

She gave the cat a mild look. “I wouldn’t know about that.”

“Well. I do.”

Nessadorma peeled off the side of another corn stalk and chewed and chewed and chewed.

The cat did not approve. “Are you going to say anything more than that? Aren’t you going to challenge me? Aren’t you going to get steaming mad at me?”

She stopped chewing and thought about it. “Hm.” She chewed a couple more times before swallowing. “No. I am a civilized, well mannered cow. I don’t get steaming mad.”

“But you’re magical.”

Nessadorma nodded. She had always known that someone was bound to notice it.

“Don’t you want to go on a exciting journey and face dangers and kill a great many things?”

She flicked her tail again. She had never killed anything before. She had never even contemplated it. “Must we kill things?”

“It’s necessary and mandatory.”

“Hm. Then, I shall stay here in my cornfield. You may journey on if you wish.”

“What? You don’t want to go on an exciting journey with me?”

Nessadorma thought it over. Going on an exciting journey might be just the thing she needed to awaken her magic. Not that awakening her magic was all that important. Still. It would be very nice to know what she was capable of.

She strode over to the giant cat and nodded. “I will come with you, but I will let you do all of the killing.”

“What if I’m endangered and killing someone was the only way to save my awesome, amazing self?”

“Well. That would be completely different. Come, giant cat. Let’s seek adventure and see what I can do.”

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