And Harry Woke Up

Small Harry Potter woke up.
All curled up
On a blanket
Covered by a thin sheet
In the cluttered cupboard
Under the wooden stairs
In a small house
On Privet Drive.

“I am a wizard.”
“I have friends.”
“I have friends who are like family.”
“I have family who has died for me.”
“I am cared for.”

He shivered under his threadbare sheet.
And he whispered,
“I am loved.”
“I have fought brave fights.”
“I have made mistakes.”
“And I have overcome my fears.”
“I have overcome evil.”
“II have saved lives by losing mine.”
“I am loved.”

But he knew.
He knew none of it was true.
He knew all of it was fantasy.
The smoke of sweet pipe dreams
And dreams made while in sleep.

Small Harry Potter burrowed deeper
Under his thin, faded sheet
And he smiled.
Some dreams were worth dreaming.
Some dreams were worth remembering.

And he would never
Forget dreams
Such as these.

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