Five Thanksgiving Writing Prompts #3 – Feeling Alone On Thanksgiving

Author’s Note: Amy Jones over on the Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompts page posted five writing prompts to try out over the holidays. I decided to tackle all five of them – one at a time, of course – because they all sounded intriguing to me. Thanksgiving has come and gone, but I am determined to do all of them. I’ve already done #1 and #2.

This one here is #3:  If you aren’t spending time with friends or family this week, use that as a springboard for your character as well. If you’re feeling fine about your alone time, write your character in the opposite way: they’re alone for a special day they’d rather share with someone. On the other side, if you’re feeling lonely, imagine your character in a circumstance when they’re thrilled to get away from everyone.



It’s that whole time of year again and I hate it.

Well. I guess I oughta be more clear. It ain’t Thanksgivin’ I hate.

I hate that I’m spendin’ it without you. I hate that I ain’t gonna see your reaction to all the crazy junk Barb’ra’s makin’ for the human side of her family. You e’er seen a roast turkey before? I ain’t knowin’.

Darn it all! There’s so much I ain’t knowin’ and I’m missin’ out on. I’m willin’ to bet you’re havin’ a grand ol’ time over there with Jay and Maelin. Bet you ain’t e’en missin’ me.

I’m missin’ you.

I’m missin’ you all so bad.

I wish you’d just come on home.

If you could at least call me, that’ld be good too.

‘sellta, I miss you so much. It hurts. It hurts right here in the middle of my chest.

I wish you were here.

*sigh* I think I’m gonna just go in circles about missin’ you. So, I’m gonna just knock it off and end it here.

Please come home to me. I ain’t knowin’ what all else to say. Just come home.



Ambrose entered the room. “Hey. What are you doing in here all by yourself? Supper’s on the table.”

Robin hastily crinkled up the sheet of paper. “Nothin’. Just.” He took a breath and exhaled. “Just needed a bit of alone time.”

“I can understand that.” Ambrose came over to him and looked questioningly at the crinkled up paper. “What’s that?”

Robin bristled. “Ain’t nothin’, stupid.” He stood and shoved the taller vampire. “Come on. Let’s go sit like mopes at the table.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“What for? Ain’t nothin’ to freakin’ talk about.”

“Is it Isellta?”

Robin stormed to the door.

Ambrose hurried after him. “Robin—”

He pun around and shoved him again. “‘course it’s Isellta, ya big monkey lummox!”


“Don’t you go playin’ no dummy with me. You heard me just fine.” He grabbed Ambrose’s arm. “Come on. I’m in the mood for drinking down a whole glass of super thick egg nog and gettin’ myself pukin’ sick o’er it.”

Ambrose smirked. “And then we’ll talk.”

“Freakin’ jerk. Yeah.” He released his arm. “Then, we’ll talk.”

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