Toothless Tom

Toothless Tom sat on a street corner with a cup of pudding in his hand.
It wasn’t very good pudding.
To be completely honest, it was quite bland.
It was vanilla and some sort of sugared cream.

But Toothless Tom could not be overly particular.
He could not make demands.
He could only take what he could find.
He could only eat what didn’t irritate his toothless gums.
And the pudding was free.

The shelter gave it away without any demands.
They didn’t ask for any charges or surcharges.
They simply gave him what he needed.
They gave him vanilla pudding.

He wished it was something denser.
Something that he could bite into.
Meat or cheese or pancakes or something made with phyllo dough.
Something scrumptious and wonderful.

But he was Toothless Tom.
So, all he could get was pudding.
Bland vanilla and sweet cream pudding.
It would just have to do.

December 2019 Writing Prompts

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