Cups And Saucers

Cups and saucers
Filled the dirty sink.
Dirty cups with stale milk.
Dirty saucers with stiff cake crumbs.

Cups and saucers
Sat in the sink
In the dark
Late at night.

Cups sat still.
Saucers sat still.
All was still and quiet.

Then, it started.
It started with the smallest teaspoon
That fell off its plate.
That landed harsh in the sink.

That caused the cups
To stack themselves
Into dirty but tidy piles.

That caused the saucers
To launch out of the sink
To fly about the room.

The saucers flew
Out of the room
To the living room
Up to the bedroom.

The cups stayed put.
They were too orderly
To behave disorderly.
They left that behavior
To the saucers.

The saucers investigated
The ceilings and
The floors and
The windows.
Until they found
A window that was open.

The saucers slipped
Out of the window
Into the night sky
All the way out into space
To places that only they knew.

The cups stayed put
And they waited.
They knew that
The saucers would return.

They would always return.

December 2019 Writing Prompts

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