The Life Of A Special Snowflake

I am a snowflake.

I am a special snowflake.

Look at me and see all of my specialness.

I am not like the other snowflakes, but I’m sure you can see that. Look at my fancy edges. Everyone else has such plain edges. But not me! Because I am special.

Revel in my specialness as I descend from the sky.

I was created like all of the other snowflakes, but I am so pretty. Look at me! See how pretty I am.

I’m so pretty!

No one else is as pretty as me.

I am so graceful. Look at me!

See me cavort and twirl on the breeze. It’s a long way down from the sky, but I dance all the way down. The other snowflakes are too jealous to notice my beauty and grace. They just fall like the dull-edged clods they were born to be.

Some of them group together into clumps.

So not attractive.

I fall alone and free.  It’s so much easier to admire me if I am alone.

And I fall so easy and free.

There’s music in the air.

There are voices down below.

I twirl and spin their way.

I want them to see me.

I want them to admire me.

I am so pretty.

I am so special.

I flash my edges as I fall pass them. I sparkle and shine and dazzle them.

I land with the other snowflakes. NO! I land on top of them. Because I am too special to blend and merge with the sad-edged commoners.

I am pretty.

So very pretty.

The voices run my way.

I flash and sparkle my prettiest best.

“This spot is the best! Look! No one’s disturbed the snow over here. The snow is so pristine. It would be perfect for some impromptu snow cones.”

“I agree! Here.” They come down to me. They scoop me up and pat me close together with the other snowflakes.

Ugh! This is so wrong! This is not how it’s supposed to work.

Why are they squishing me into a ball with these plebians? Don’t they know beauty when they see it?

I am pretty, darn it!

I am special!

I am.


What are they doing?

Their mouth. Coming closer and closer.

What’s going on?

What is this?



December 2019 Writing Prompts

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