By The Moonlit Sea

Author’s Note: Didi Oviatt has a new WIP prompt for this month! Since this is February, the prompt is: Waves of Love. Love can be felt in waves, expressed in waves, and even indulge in by the waves. So, this months WIP Challenge was actually pretty easy to decide on. Let’s write some scenes that celebrate the love of our characters in waves, by the waves, however you want them to have a wave-fully climax so to speak.

With all that in mind, here is my take:


Robin removed Isellta’s shoes and tossed them into the Jeep. He took Isellta’s hands. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” Isellta said without any hesitation.

“Good. Keep your eyes closed and let me guide you.”

“Okay, Robin.” Isellta closed his eyes.

“Annnnnd forward.”

Isellta walked forward with his eyes still closed.

Rough, hard surface…seems to go on for miles. But I trust him. He won’t lead me to anywhere bad or hurtful.

Rough, hard surface…A strong smell…A car smell. Oil? Cracks. Dirt. Gravel.

“Careful now. Lift your feet o’er this thing here.” He laughed as Isellta obeyed. “Darnation. Ain’t no need to go steppin’ all that high. It’s a car bumper curb thing. Ain’t so sure what’s it rightfully called. Anyway, it’s low to the ground. There. Okay. Keep comin’ forward.”

Rough, hard surface just changed to something short and bristly. Grass? Must be.

“Ain’t all that much further.”

Robin’s tangerine scent. Grass. Short, bristly grass. Feels sparse. Hard. I wonder where we are.

Isellta raised his head and sniffed the air.

“Whatcha smellin’?”

He sniffed again. “I don’t know. It smells so…alive. And I hear something. A rushed something. Something big.”

Robin chuckled. “Just keep on walkin’.”

The short, bristly grass is gone. The ground has changed. It’s…Oh! Oh, it’s so soft! OH! I can feel it in between my toes!

“Robin? May I open my eyes now?” He could hear the smile in his loved one’s voice as Robin replied, “Not yet, but close.”

“oh. Oh, but! But the ground feels so nice and soft. So beautifully soft! Please. May I see?”

“Not yet. Not yet. Little further.”

Something ahead smells like…smells like…what is it? It sounds so big and moving. I can hear it moving so big, so fast and hard. The air over here feels cooler, smells so good!

“Okay.” Robin stopped and released Isellta’s hands. “Now. Open your eyes.”

Isellta obeyed.

His wings flared out in surprise.

The full moon shed its light on a vast body of water.

“Oh.” Isellta curled his hands against his chest as he scanned the dark horizon. The water seemed to be eternal, beginning at the shoreline and reaching to the edges of the night sky.

“I know it ain’t too much to look at right now. It looks a whole lot prettier in the daytime.”

Isellta turned to him. “But you can’t be here in the daytime.” He smiled. “Robin, this is beautiful. So very beautiful.” He stroked the scarred side of Robin’s face. “I’m so glad I’m here with you.”

Robin turned his face and kissed Isellta’s hand. “Come.” He smiled as brightly as the moon. “Let’s run in there and get our feet all wet.”

Isellta flapped his wings. “Yes!” He grabbed Robin’s hand. “Come.”

Robin kicked off his shoes.

The vampire and the black-winged fey ran into the rushing waves.

6 thoughts on “By The Moonlit Sea

    1. Thank you!

      It makes me happy to show Robin and Isellta in these quiet out of story moments. They are currently separated in my story and in a bad case of so close yet so far. And they are missing each other like crazy.

      Liked by 1 person

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