Deli Market Delights

I went to the deli today and ahh! I was delighted by what I saw:

Big wheels of cheddar cheese.

Dense blocks of mozzarella cheese.

Garlic bologna.

Capuchin wood-fired chicken.

Creole turkey.

Rosemary-crusted ham.


Pastrami flavored turkey.

Corned beef.

Swiss cheese.

Baby Swiss cheese.

Mature Swiss cheese.

Something called Rated R Swiss cheese.

Pickled and brined ravioli.

Italian meatballs with extra Romano cheese sauce.

This pistachio and almond whipped fluff dessert.

A walnut, pear, and chickpea casserole.

Hummus. So much hummus. I’ve never seen so much hummus. Who knew that they sold chocolate hummus? I didn’t. Not until I went to the deli today.

And everything looked so good.

It was so hard to choose.

I hope you’re hungry.

February Writing Prompts ❤️


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