Lurking, Squabbling Vampires

Author’s Note: This is my second story for Didi Oviatt’s March WIP Writing Challenge about Lurking Vampires.

“The Wolfman is clearly overrated, as monsters go.” Hildreth readjusted his Bossman 550 on his back.

“Well.” Jeff said. “You can’t pick Dracula. That’s too obvious.”

Hildreth thought it over as they walked down the sidewalk. “Okay. You have a point. Besides, Invisible Man is where it’s at. I mean, come on! The guy can go invisible at will.”

Jeff chuckled. “I don’t think that’s how it works.”

“So, I have the Invisible Man. Who do you get? And you can’t choose the same monster as me. That’s cheap cheating.”

“Hmm.” Jeff stopped and glanced around.

Hildreth stopped as well. He scanned the crowd just like how Master Initskay had taught them. Some vampires could blend in with regular humans with surprising ease. Others stood out in wrong and obvious ways. “What do you think, Jeff?”

Jeff did another scan before replying, “Just humans. Come on. Let’s keep going.”

Hildreth followed the older boy’s lead.

“So, if you have the Invisible Man, who do we have left?” Jeff asked.

“Jekyll and Hyde. The Mummy. Frankenstein. Bride of Frankenstein. Uhh…Swamp Thing?”

“No, Swamp Thing doesn’t count.”

Hildreth snapped his fingers. “Rats!” He readjusted his weapon’s weight distribution. “So, no Swamp Thing. Who else—”

A loud ruckus broke out in the alley just a few steps ahead of them. Both boys pulled out their weapons – Hildreth’s Bossman 550 and Jeff’s wooden Tsunachu sword.”Make sure you don’t shoot me in the back.” Jeff said

“Make sure you don’t accidently stab me.”

“Fair deal.”

They ran towards the alley. Hildreth got there first.

“You slimy slug infested bubble bath!” A man with a patchy red goatee punched an older man in stained overalls, workman’s boots, and no shirt. Older man snarled, baring his fangs, which earned him another punch.

“You no goodnik hoodlum!” The older vampire growled. “This is my territory. Go find your own.”

“Wrong!” Patchy Red Goatee punched him again. “This is my territory!”

“Is not!”

“Is too”

“Is not!”

“Is—-” Patchy Red Goatee punched him again. “TOO!”

Hildreth looked over at Jeff. “Are they even worth staking?”

Older Vampire snapped to attention. “Oh, well. Look what we have here.” He elbowed Patchy Red Goatee in the face, causing the younger vampire to stagger back. “A couple of fledglings fallen so far from the nest.” He sauntered over to them. “And no daddy bird to keep you safe.”

Hildreth struggled to balance his weapon on his shoulder.

Jeff shifted into a defensive position. “We’re not afraid of you.”

Older Vampire bared his fangs and unsheathed his claws. “You should be.” He ran at them.

Jeff let out a yell and charged forward.

Hildreth almost dropped his weapon.

Patchy Red Goatee took advantage of Hildreth’s distraction. He rushed at him.

Hildreth quickly pulled the trigger. His shot went wide.

I can do this. I can do this. Don’t think. Calm. Don’t panic. Steady. Don’t freak out. Steady. Steady. The weapon is part of my body. It’s part of my shoulder. The weapon is me. I am the weapon. It is part of me. I am part of it. We are one.

Patchy Red Goatee bared his fangs and roared.

Jeff kicked the older vampire and thwacked him repeatedly with Tsunachu. The sword hummed ecstatically.

Hildreth watched Patchy Red’s approach and felt calm.

We are one. My weapon and I are one.

He balanced the Bossman 550 on his shoulder and it felt right. It felt solid. It felt like a part of himself.

Hildreth pulled the trigger and the bolt hit its target.

Patchy Red fell, just as Tsunachu’s song ended. The older vampire managed a slight gasp before he died.

The two young boys exchanged equally astonished looks. “We…we did it.” Jeff said.

Hildreth put his weapon away, ran to his friend, and hugged him. “We did it!”

Jeff laughed and returned his hug. “The night’s not over yet, you dweeb. Let’s survive the night and then we can go home and celebrate our first successful hunt with a weapon.”

“With Master Initskay?”

“Absolutely.” As they left the alley, Jeff said, “Just so you know, I choose the Bride of Frankenstein for the maximum win.”

Hildreth laughed. “You would, dork.”


11 thoughts on “Lurking, Squabbling Vampires

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!😊

      I knew I wanted to write a story with Jeff and Hildreth when they were still kids, but I couldn’t find the right way to start it. Then, that first line popped into my head and I was like, “I don’t know what the context is but THAT is my first line!” And the rest of the story moved on from there.

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