Galaxy Girl

Andromeda was no one.

In the large, crazy scheme of life and everything else, she was a speck. A mote. A nano. Just another galaxy girl in a whole cosmos of galaxy girls.

Easily overlooked.

Easily ignored.

Far too easily passed over for the universe girls. But then those girls were pretty hard to ignore. They were everywhere. A galaxy girl like Andromeda couldn’t run in a straight line without tripping over fifteen hundred of a universe girl’s stars and moons.

Andromeda barely had any stars. She had a few knock off moons that may or may not have been rubbish left over from a passing universe girl. Andromeda wasn’t going to question their worth. All that mattered was that they stayed in her magnetic pull and orbited in her circles. She was happy with that.

But she longed for more.

She wanted a whole cadre of stars. She wanted planets. She wanted planetoids and black holes and space anomalies. Oh, how she yearned for one small space anomaly!

One day, she would surely rise up from galaxy girl to universe girl. She didn’t know how, but she was determined to find a way.

One day, she would find a way.


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