Friendly Enemies

“Hey there, George.” Elbert elbow-propped on the stockade fence. “Lawn’s looking poorly this year.”

George shrugged and turned on the outside faucet. “Lawn always looks poorly this time of year.” He picked up the end of the hose and watered his wife’s flowers.

“True. True.” Elbert nodded sagely. “Heard it’s going to rain.” He smirked and waited for a reaction.

“Really? Well, that would be a first. Never rains this….” George shot a sharp look at him.

Elbert laughed. “Just teasing. You know I wouldn’t dare send out a rainstorm so soon after that deluge I hit your daughter’s graduation party with. It does take time for me to regenerate my power levels.”

George nodded and went back to watering. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. There’s a time and a place to cause mischief.  That was neither.”

“It was just a bit of fun. No real harm done.”

George sighed. “You could have sent a light fuzzy rain.”

Elbert shook his head. “That’s too hard to maintain. Takes a lot of focus and energy to keep it that light.”

“I’ll take your word for it. Are you going to pay for the damages this time?”

Elbert watched him water the flowers. “Is that watering even necessary? Ground’s still saturated.”

“It isn’t necessary at all. This is a ruse. My wife didn’t want me to talk to you.”


“She’s real mad about you ruining the party. She’s planning to defeat you once and for all.”


“Tonight. After she gets the kids in bed.”

“Hm.” Elbert thought it over. “What are my chances of survival?”

“Ranging from poor to wretched. With her upgraded heat vision, she could make you evaporate with just a glare.”

“What do you recommend I do?”

“Pay for the damages. That would be a good starting point. She won’t be able to hate you if you do that much.”

“True. Let me have my supper first and then I’ll come over to make amends.”

George dragged the hose back to the house and turned off the faucet. “Good.” He looked back at Elbert. “See you after dinner.”

June 2020 Writing Prompts

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