Blogging Insights For 2021

Dr. Tanya over at Salted Caramel posed a question to all of the bloggers out here:

How do you see your blog in 2021? What are your hopes and aspirations for your blog this year?

So, I just had to answer it.


What are my hopes and aspirations for my blog this year? Well! With my cosistories blog, I hope to pay a bit more attention to her. Poor thing tends to get ignored in favor of my other two blogs. So, I will try to post more frequently over here.

With my blog, I hope to keep pushing the story further and further ahead. With some amount of luck and the power of sheer determination, I will reach the 2-3 big scenes I have mentally planned out some time before next January. I’ve been holding those scenes in my head and sorting through all of the hows and whys leading up to them for the past year. One scene in particular has been in my head ever since I started this blog. That one is going to be an absolute killer to write….in all the best ways.

With my , I hope to likewise keep pushing the story ahead and finally get to James and May Rose being young adults. I have a bunch of scenes involving James and May Rose that I’ve copied and pasted from my ambroseandelsie blog. I am hoping to finally put those scenes into the story some time this year. I plan to rework them a little, maybe change the point of view, so it isn’t a direct copy paste. I am looking forward to that so much!

Then, there’s my poor, very neglected blog. There are a lot of small things that bother me about that story. A lot of character and worldbuilding stuff that just aren’t working for me. So, I want to salvage the scenes, ideas, and characters I like from that story and start over from scratch. It will be such a relief to start over again, because I know I can do it better. I just need to figure out better character motivations and actions.

Soooo, yep! Those are my 2021 goals for my blogs! We’ll see how things turn out for them all this time next year. 😀

If you want to reveal your blogging insights/plans for 2021, just type them up in a post and paste the link over at:

Blogging Insights # 62 — Your blog in 2021 – Salted Caramel (

Have a great New Year!!

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