Writing About……Graceling—So Much Anticipation!

Margaret at weirdzeal.com recently did a post about her 59 thoughts I had while rereading the Graceling books. Her thoughts about the books hooked me. It sounded a lot like something I would enjoy. 

So, I went to the nearby Barnes and Noble. They had Fire and Winterkeep, but not Graceling. I was like *shrugs* “Okay. I’ll get these two and order Graceling.” That was all the way back on February 3rd. 

I’ve been watching my e-mail, stalking the progress of the book’s arrival. The estimated date was February 10, but! It actually came today! 

And ooo! Graceling is one shiny paperback. So shiny! I tried to take a picture of it, but I couldn’t do the shininess proper justice.

I have it sitting next to me as I’m typing this up. I’m so looking forward to reading it. I’ll start reading it while I’m eating supper tonight.

I will do a follow up post about my thoughts about this book as I’m reading it.

See you all then!


59 thoughts I had while rereading the Graceling books – Weird Zeal

2 thoughts on “Writing About……Graceling—So Much Anticipation!

    1. I’m up to Chapter 7 and I am enjoying it so much! I’m actually planning to do a post on my feelings about the book so far. Kind of a running commentary. But no spoilers! 😀


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