The Perfect Bride

The bride was beautiful, to no one’s surprise. After all, she had been carefully created and designed to be the epitome of womanly beauty. Her features were arranged in the ideal alignment. Her eyes were large and the perfect shade of blue. Her eyelashes were long and black and thick. Her skin, her hair, her lips, everything about her was beyond insult or reproach.

But there was one small flaw that nothing could eradicate. Her eyes had an emptiness inside of them. Even when she smiled her perfect smile, the emptiness was still there. It was a manufacturing defect.

The bride’s creator told the groom that he could exchange her for a better model.

The groom looked into his bride’s perfect yet imperfect eyes and smiled. “No. I will keep her.”

So, he did.

The groom kept her for all of the days of his life. And, even though her eyes never lost that emptiness, he loved her. To him, she was perfect.

Personal portraits Ms.Putri Rahmania | The Daily Spur (

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