Created For His Pleasure

Syl’yanna was created for Prince Herrin’s pleasure.

He loved pretty things.
So, they made her very pretty.

He loved soft, silky hair.
So, they gave her hair that felt like the softest silk.

He loved blue eyes.
So, they made her eyes the exact shade of Monday blues.

Every detail that he loved,
They made sure Syl’yanna possessed.

But they didn’t know.
Because Prince Herrin never said.
Because Prince Herrin never wanted to admit.

They made Syl’yanna everything he could love.
Everything he’d find attractive.

But Prince Herrin was not attracted to Syl’yanna.
He could not love her.
For his heart refused to turn that way.

But he did not turn her away.
He let Syl’yanna stay with him.

They became good friends.
In time, she became his trusted friend and counselor.
Syl’yanna became the one he trusted more than anyone else.

And Syl’yanna was happy.
For though they had created her for his pleasure,
They had given no thought at all to her pleasure.
So, she had no interest at all in such things.

It made her happy to be his friend and to be the one he trusted.
She did not need anything more than that.

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