The Daily Spur Presents……Surprises!

Alice hadn’t seen the White Rabbit in years. So, she was quite surprised to see him now.

He was in a dither. Hardly a surprise there. The White Rabbit was always in a dither. Always muttering about “being late”. But he wasn’t muttering about that now. He was verbally fussing about “a wooden gown and wooden shoes and oh my dear blessed whiskers she’ll be furious”.

Of course, Alice simply had to find out what was going on. “Excuse me! Mr. Rabbit?”

He ignored her voice as he always did and hopped into a hole in a tree.

Well! This was a novel and most curious event. The White Rabbit never hopped into trees. Whatever was he about?

She ran to the tree, took a deep breath, and crawled into the hole. Much to her continuing surprise, there was no expected fall. But it was quite dark inside.

The darkness didn’t stop her, however. She crawled forward.

All at once, the hole lit up in black and white stripes. It was quite disorienting. The lines seemed to gyre and gimble on their own. They seemed quite stationary. It seemed to be a painting on a wall. It seemed to be a winding hole.

“Well!” she said to herself. “How am I to know which it is? Surely, it can’t be all of them at once!” She sighed. “I suppose there really is only one way to find out.”

Alice continued to crawl forward. “I can only hope that I will not collide into the wall. That would be most mortifying. I suppose I would simply turn around and leave, if there is no way to continue on.”

Despite her fears, she did not collide into a wall.

She continued on down the hole optical illusion.

Alice wondered what she would encounter at the end.

She fully expected to be surprised.


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