Who am I?

I could be just about anyone. I could Angelina Jolie. Or I could be the crazy cat lady who lives next door to you.

I could leave my identity a secret and be the mysterious unknown. A faceless, nameless phantom typing on a computer. There is a certain pleasant safeness in being the shadowy character in the beaten up fedora and cheap sunglasses.

I could tell you just my first name or just my last name. Either one would be fine with me.

Or I could tell you all.

For instance, I could say that my name is Amy Karian (aka cosi van tutte on the Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompts forum). I might even tell you that I’ve worked at a dermatology clinic, a dental office, a transcription company, and currently at a hospital. I could drop a hint about my reading habits (fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, and any random book that catches my attention) and reveal some personal stuff (love taking pictures. hate being in pictures. Might have been a paparazzi in another lifetime. have two dogs, two birds, and one cat).

Or I could say nothing at all.