Enough Is Enough!

Tim sat like a marble statue.




All of his rage was gone. He had cried it all out of his body.

But the letter was still crumpled in his hand.

He sat there, vaguely aware of the need for him to make something to eat. What time if the day was it? He had no idea.

And he didn’t care.

He sat silent and waiting for her to come home.

He snapped out of his daze as the front door unlocked.

It opened.

She entered the house.

“Oh, Jerry! You’d never believe the day I had.”

Tears fell down his face.

She entered the living room. “I think I…”

He stood.


“Yes. I am not Jerry.”

Her shock changed into irritation. “And what are you doing here, huh? Spying on me?”

“I found his letter. You left it. You just left it lying on the counter.” He took a step forward. “What? Did you think I wouldn’t see it?”

“Tim. I—-”

“Did you think I’d be too stupid to understand that this—” He shook the paper. “—juvenile prattle was a love letter?”

“Tim. I—”

“A love letter to my wife! One. One that I didn’t write. Lindy. Didn’t you think about me at all?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Not here in HIS house. Come on, Tim. Have some decency.”

“Decency? Decency? What about you? You. Lindy. You betrayed me. You. How could you?”

“This is stupid and needlessly melodramatic. Go home, Tim. Go on. Get out of here. He’ll be home soon.”

“And what? What, Lindy? You don’t want him to see me? You don’t want him to meet me? Lindy. Does he even know that I exist?”

She eye-rolled. “Yes, the first thing I told him when we started this whole affair was, ‘Oh, by the way I’m already married, but you know what? Heck with vows and such. I’m going to just walk all over them and—”

“Stop! Enough is enough. I’ve had it. I can’t. I can’t handle this. I don’t know how to handle this.” He returned to the couch. “What am I supposed to do, Lindy?”

“Take my advice and go home. Just go home, Tim.”

“What about us?”

She shrugged. “We’ll figure something out. We always do. Now, get out of here.”

He bowed his head and tried to gather his thoughts. But they were ungatherable. “Do you love me a little?”

“Of course, I do. That’s why I’m telling you to get out of here.”

“I love you.” He raised his head and looked at her.

Lindy stood, framed by the doorway. She was as lovely as ever.

He stood. “Lindy. I love you.” He marched over to her. “I want us to—-”

She huffed out a sigh. “Tim.”

“Listen to me. I don’t want us to fall apart. Give me a chance. Whatever I’ve done wrong…whatever I’m failing to do…please. Please, Lindy. Come home with me. Please. Before he even gets here, take my hand. Let’s go home. Let’s start all over. I’ll even marry you again, if you still want me.”

She looked puzzled. “Aren’t you mad at me?”

“Furious. Furious and hurt. But I love you. Lindy, I still love you. Please.” He knelt before her. “Come home.”

“You don’t hate me?”

“If I did, I would have walked out that door without you.”

“You love me. You’ve been so distant lately. I thought you didn’t care anymore.”

“I’m sorry.  That’s all my fault. Just feeling bogged down by stuff going on at work.”

“Then, turn to me. Talk to me about it. Like you used to do.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll try. I’ll try to be better. Give me a second chance, Lindy. Come home. Please come home.”

She took his hands and pulled him up. “Then. Let’s go home.”


An hour later, Jerry came home. “I’m so sorry I’m late.” He entered the living room.

And Lindy wasn’t there.



July Writing Prompts


Salted Shores

She walked along the shores by day and night. She walked in a black, bustled gown. A heavy mourning veil covered her head and shielded her face.

She walked along the shore with her gaze always watching the ocean’s rushing ebb and flow.

The tears that fell from her eyes hit the shore, crystallizing into salt that the ocean grabbed and stole away.

She always walked alone.

She was feared and dreaded.

A figure of myth and misfortune.

To see her once was bad luck.

To hear her cries was misfortune.

To see her face – her pale, dead face – was a sign of certain death and disaster.

So, no one ever approached her.

No one ever spoke to her.

No one ever dared to look at her.

So, she walked on.

Endlessly alone on the salted shores.




July Writing Prompts

She Was Magic To Me

I didn’t know who she was.
I only knew what she was.

She was magic.
Magic to me.

Magic in the way she moved.
Magic in the way she talked.

In all of the little ways.
In all of the big ways.

She was magic.
Pure magic to me.

I didn’t know who she was.
But she made me believe in magic.

Magic in a smile.
Magic in a laugh.

She didn’t know who I was.
She never even knew my name.

But that didn’t matter.
She was magic to me.


July Writing Prompts

Daily Spur Presents…..Approximate

Megan laid on the couch in the living room. Her head hurt. Her stomach hurt.

She just wanted to curl up in her bed, in her nicely darkened room, and sleep. Unfortunately, her room was in the middle of an overdue renovation and was presently a chaotic, ungodly mess.

There could be no sleeping in that room until it was fixed.

So, the living room couch was her only hope.

Unfortunately, someone had left the tv on some sort of news program. A blonde news anchor was staring through heavily eyelashed eyelids at a grumpy news anchor who was pontificating about…something.

But there really wasn’t anywhere else for Megan to sleep.

So, she curled up on the couch and tried her best to ignore the tv noise.

“….approximate….and the approximate….approximately…”

Apparently, the pontificator had found a word to abuse and he was doing it whole-heartedly.

I could shut it off.

But that would involve getting up. And walking all the way over there. And walking all the way back here.

Too much walking.

The blonde fluttered her heavy eyelashes. “But John!…approximate? …approximate…approximate…approx.—”

“No! No. No. NO! It is approximately…approximate…approximate—”

“But what about the approxi—”

“No! You don’t know what you’re talking about! It isn’t about the approximate…It’s about the approximate…approximate…”

Megan closed her eyes.

There was something wonderfully mind-numbing about it all.




Megan yawned and fell asleep.


Unexpected Revelation

“Luke Skywalker was dead the whole time and he was spiritually bound to that island. That’s why he refused to go back with Rey.”

Marcy scoffed. “That’s dumb. Why didn’t he just tell her?”

Roger slowly licked his ice cream cone. “Mmmm. For the same reason that the Beast couldn’t just tell Belle that he was under a spell.”

“Uh-huh. And what reason is that?”

He swung his ice cream in a broad gesture. “Plot—-”

The scoop flew out of its cone cave and slopped onto Marcy’s shirt.


“Oops! Sorry.” He glanced around the boardwalk as if he were hoping to see a mobile paper towel dispenser walking on by.

“Rog. Don’t worry about it. I’ll clean it off later.”

He stopped his frantic and futile search. “Really?”

“Yeah. I know that there’s a bathroom at th—”

Her mouth kept going on and on, but Roger didn’t hear a word. He looked at her with the ice cream glomming its way down her shirt and he realized an amazing truth.

I love her.

The truth blossomed and grew.

I have always loved her. I just never knew it for sure until now.

Marcy stopped in mid-sentence. “What? What’s wrong?”

But I’m not ready to tell her yet. I want to be sure of her feelings before I speak. Until then, I don’t want to ruin what we have right now. This natural and easy banter between us.

If I tell her I love her, it will change everything.

It might ruin everything and make us awkward around each other.

I’m not ready.

“Rog?” She touched his arm. “You okay?”

He smiled at her touch. “Yeah. I’m good.”

July Writing Prompts



Turning Back Tuesday

Thomas Trisdale (aka Codename Tuesday) sat in his office. He read the note over and over again. Each reread made the words more and more incomprehensible.

Hello, Tuesday. I found out all about your defection. Yes, you knew I would. What were you thinking? You know me, sweetie. I don’t take defections lightly. So, of course, I kidnapped your precious wife, Sylvia. Of course, I would. You know how I am. You know my mean streak. My love for revenge. If you want to see her again, come to our secret place. You know where. Don’t bother with money or checks. Just come and be prepared to surrender yourself to me. Don’t keep me waiting. Lara



I thought she was dead.

I thought.

She has Sylvia.

She has my wife.

My Sylvie.

Surrender to her.

Give up Sylvia. I know she will expect me to do so.

He messed up his hair in frustration.

Darn it! I never expected this to happen. I thought she was dead!

Sylvie and I never had this conversation. We never put Lara into our list of scenarios to prepare for. I don’t know what she’d want me to do.

He bowed his head.

But I know Sylvia.

She’d want me to do what is right.

The only right thing.

I can’t let anything happen to her.

He glanced around the office. A rueful smile crossed his face.

I had a very good run here.

“I’ll miss it.”

He put the note on the middle of his desk where someone was bound to find it, glanced around one last time, and left.


July Writing Prompts

Daily Spur Presents….FilePlanet

Prisoner Xentha sat chained and manacled in her spacepod. Her fingers itched with the need to do something. Her head ached from the idleness forced upon her.

She was fairly certain that she was going to go insane well before she reached the whatever planet they were shipping her off to.

The klaxon alarm blared an unpleasantly flat tone.

Right before the spacepod went into a nosedive and crashed.

It rattled her bones, but nothing seemed to be hurt or broken, which was a relief.

The chains and manacles automatically released her, retreating into the seat.

She stood quickly and moved away from the seat, just in case the bindings changed their minds and tried to grab her again.

A woman’s pleasant voice half-sang, “Please exit the vehicle before it explodes.”

Xentha didn’t need a second invite. She RSVP’d the heck out of there.

“Counting down just to be fair: Threee.”

Xentha raced to the front of the pod.


She hit the button to open the hatch.

The hatch didn’t open.


She kicked the door a couple of times.

It slowly creaked open.

Xentha body slammed it repeatedly to force it to move faster.

The door took offense to such abuse and froze at the halfway point.

“Ready orrrrrr noooot, here comes the big boom aaaaaaat…”

Xentha struggled to squeeze through the narrow space.


She got half of her body through.

Then, the hatch decided that it had had enough. It started to close on her.


Xentha swore and struggled to get the rest of herself through.


She kneed the hatch, not that she expected any good to come of that move.

The hatch door dropped open.

Xentha tumbled onto the rocky ground.


She gingerly stood and hobbled away from the spacepod as fast as she could.

It wasn’t particularly fast.


The ship exploded, knocking her off her feet.

The nearest rock transformed into a fat gray Akien. Its glass mustache heads chinked melodically like a wind chime. “Are you alive, then?”

Xentha stood again and dusted off her bruised and bartered dignity. “Apparently.”

“Isn’t that something, then? None of the other prisoners banished to this planet ever managed to escape the spacepod in time, then. Well, come along with me, then.”

“Not that it really matters, but where are we? What planet is this?”

He grinned, flaunting the shady remnants of his last meal. “Follow me, then and then you’ll see.”

She shrugged and followed him through a mostly barren landscape. A stray tree stood here and there, but they had a discouraging look to them.

“So, what did you do, then?”

She considered keeping her past a secret, but decided with a shrug that it wasn’t worth the trouble. “I snooped in Chen Mana a Dini’s private correspondence and discovered that he’s been cheating on his clan and entertaining the rival clan’s eldest dauthry. So, of course they found out. And, of course, they decided to punish me for Infiltrating An Active Chen’s Correspondence and they shipped me to…”

Her voice stopped and died.

An enormous dome shaped rock dominated the horizon, looking like a planet somewhere had misplaced its top half.

“What is it?” Her voice was soft with shock and an inexplicable fear.

“Come see, then!”

She followed him, barely resisting the urge to hold his hand for security and reassurance.

The dome seemed to get larger and larger as they approached it.

Xentha found it hard to breathe, to swallow, to behave anything like the sassy, confident creature she always knew she was.

The Akien tapped two of his mustache beads together creating a harmonious tone.

The front of the dome slid open.

They entered.

Xentha wasn’t sure what she had been expecting, but this wasn’t anything close to it.

The entire dome was filled with unruly stacks of papers and files and boxes of bit drives.

The Akien smiled. “Welcome to FilePlanet, then. It is your responsibility to catalogue, organize and file all of these papers, then.”


“Every single one, then.” He turned and left her alone. The dome slid shut behind him.

Xentha glanced around, aghast by the sheer impossibility of the task before her.

But that state of aghastness didn’t last long.

She smiled.

“I’ll figure a way out of this. An opportunity to escape will come, somehow. I’ll take it and leave this planet light years behind me.”

She sat down at the nearest pile. “Until then, I’ll keep myself very well occupied.”