Daily Prompt: Spike In The Road

Author’s Note:  And now for a completely uncanon, possible future moment from my other blog’s story…

Isellta the fey stood outside the pub.

The cigarette smoke inside the pub was too intense and thick for his likings.

So, Isellta stood outside.

Robin will be out soon. He said he would be.

He looked up at the sky and sighed.

So many things have happened and changed.

Even Robin has changed.

He doesn’t yell so much.

And he hasn’t slapped me in a long time.

I’d say life is perfect.

The moon came out from behind a cloud.

Something shined silver on the ground.

Hm? What’s that?

Isellta came over to it and picked it up. The object was shaped like a stake, but made completely out of metal.

Isellta smiled at it. His wings flapped happily.

It’s pretty.

He moved it back and forth. The moonlight danced across it.

I’m not even sure what it is, but it’s pretty. Its lines are clean and smooth and they make sense. There’s nothing whimsical or fanciful about its design. It just makes sense.

Whatever it is.

He flapped his wings again.

It’s mine.




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