Writing About….Suspicious Behavior

Whenever I have to wait at the doctor’s office or at the grocery store, I pull out my notebook and do some secretive writing on one of my off-line stories.  I’ll even do it when I’m having lunch at work. I sit in my corner and write and sometimes snigger suspiciously.

I always wonder what I look like to the people around me. Maybe they think I’m recording their conversations for posterity. Maybe they think I’m drawing satirical pictures of them.

Most likely, they don’t even notice.

All the same, I always feel like I’m being super suspicious. Especially when I chuckle at what I’ve written.

But the writing secretively isn’t as bad as me doing my zoning out thing. If I’m trying to find the right way to phrase a certain part or action or what have you, I’ll sit back in my chair and fold my arms across my chest and stare long and hard at the nearest blank wall.  I’m especially guilty of doing that in my doctor’s waiting room.

In that case, I’m sure I look like I’m in a bad sulk about having to wait, which isn’t true. I’m actually having fun, figuring details out.

So, if you catch me in public writing furiously or staring fixedly at the wall, don’t worry. It isn’t about you. It’s just me having fun.  😀

Writing About…Battle Plan!

So, I saw my surgeon the other day and he gave me the whole low down about all of my options. Main two were: Microwave ablation surgery to remove as many spots on my liver as they can or Waiting six months and getting another MRI done to see if any of them have grown.

I thought it over and my wimpier side of my brain was all about waiting the six months. But I figured there’s a possibility that I might need surgery at that point or some other point in the future.

So, I decided to go with the surgery. I’m so nervous, but I know it’s the right choice.

I spoke to the surgeon’s nurse and she gave me the option of getting the surgery done on July 19 or August 30. I chose August 30, because I felt like July 19 would come so quickly I don’t even know how my work would get all my shifts covered in time.

So! That’s were things stand at this point in time. Battle Plan safely in hand. Nerves completely Jello. And I say…Bring it on!  🙂

Writing About….Nerves

All the way back in 2012, I was having bad intestinal problems. After a whole lot of testing and generalized feelings of horribleness, I had a CT scan done early 2013 which found the reason for my problems: neuroendocrine tumors in my intestine and on my liver.

I honestly wasn’t too freaked out when the doctors gave me the diagnosis. I’d already added up my symptoms and they equaled cancer in my head. I was like “Okay. Now, what do we do?”

They did surgery. I never had to do chemotherapy or radiation, because this kind of cancer just doesn’t respond to it. I did have to undergo like months of Octreotide shots and follow-up CT scans to keep an eye on how things were looking.

My CT scans came back with lovely, good, nothing new results.

Until my most recent one last month. They found a few new spots on my liver. I had a MRI done to better assess the situation. There were about four spots that they were able to measure – the biggest being 1.1cm x 0.9 cm – and a whole fleet of much smaller ones.

Anyway, I’m going in to see my surgeon tomorrow to see what the Battle Plan is. I’m kind of nervous, but I’m focusing on the positive. There weren’t any spots in my lungs, heart, etc., which is a big positive. I spoke to my oncologist and he said that there are other ways that they could take care of it. It may not necessarily require surgery – another positive thought.

So, I get off of work tomorrow at 1:00 and I head straight on over to my appointment. And then. We’ll see what happens next.  🙂

Writing About…Guilty Pleasure #312

Okay. I apologize in advance to my niece who likes to eavesdrop on this blog. This post is going to be about Hamilton the musical. Sorry, hon. Love you twelve thousand lots!

So, when Hamilton came out and was all the red-hot rage, I heard that it was a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton. And I was like….Oh. Hip-hop. Hip-hop = rap? Meh. Not interested.

Then, recently I happened to stumble across one of the songs from the musical. Not even sure how. I don’t think I was actively looking it up. It just sort of popped up out of nowhere and I listened to it.

The music, lyrics, and just sheer emotion in the song spoke to me. So, I “accidently” stumbled across a couple of the other songs and they sort of cemented themselves into my head.

So, yeah.

I bought the cd.  😆   And it is awesome.  The songs are beautiful little earworms. (I’m looking at you in particular “It’s Quiet Uptown”.)  The last two songs are breathtaking.

The musical feels like the second half of the musical “1776”. Especially in how very human these historic characters are portrayed.

All of the performers are awesome. There aren’t any Audra McDonalds or big names like that in it, but man alive! Do they rock it out!

There is a bit of strong language in it here and there, but not nearly as much as I was expecting. All in all, Hamilton is just awesome. (Sorry, Sash!  😆   )


Writing About…Oh. My. Gosh. Super Happiness!

In my Ambrose and Elsie story on my other blog, I’ve introduced two other characters: Isellta the male fey and Robin the scarred vampire.

While I have enjoyed writing them, especially Isellta, I’ve been worried about them being seen as pointless characters hogging the attention away from my two main couples: Ambrose/Barbara and Elsie/Hildreth.


I just finished a chapter a few minutes ago and certain pieces have fallen into place. I can see how Isellta and Robin are going to impact the story, in particular the final confrontation with Mark Caten. When that whole new development occurred to me, I was like “Oh. My. Gosh. Super happiness!”

I quickly wrote a short not-outline about what’s going to happen with them. And I am so happy!

Now, all I have to worry about is resolving the whole plotline involving Raven/Missy and The Institute.

So, yay me!  😆   😀

Writing About…Titles?

I realized something truly awful the other day.

For my ongoing story on ambroseandelsie.wordpress.com , I’ve always thought of it as my Ambrose and Elsie story.

I’ve never actually given that whole story its own proper name.

😦    😦   😦   😦

Honestly, I’ve never even considered what to name it.

Calling it “Ambrose and Elsie” sounds way too much like a romance novel with flourishy pink script on the cover. Not hating on those romance novels. It’s just I’ve never visualized my story with that sort of cover.

I’ve given it some consideration and I like the title “How To Domesticate A Vampire”, because that is basically what it’s about. Ambrose starts the story with such an awful, almost uncivilized attitude. He wants what he wants when he wants it and who cares about what anyone else wants. As the story goes on, he falls in love and falls into all manner of misadventures, which change him for the better. He becomes someone capable of caring about someone else’s needs before his own.

My only problem with that title is it sounds kind of like a YA novel. Nothing wrong with YA, but I’m not sure if my story would fall into that range based on the characters’ ages.

:/    :/   :/   :/

I might have to think about it some more.


Writing About…An Apology And A 2017 Resolution

I’ve been lurking and posting over on my other blog, ambroseandelsie. Like, a lot.
Umm, like every day. Posting all the way over there and not over here.

Well. Today, I came over into this side of town and went into my Dashboard to check my posting stats.





And, oh my gosh    😦

So many blank days from when I didn’t post over here. I am so sorry about that! I didn’t realize I’d missed so many days in a row.

I intend to balance things a little better this year.

I’m gonna clear out those cobwebs and throw out those old jars of random jam that were just sitting open on the counter.  I’m not even going to open those pizza boxes over there. I’m just going to throw them out.  *shudders*

I will do my best to post every day on cosistories. I might miss a day here or there. Just because, you know, stuff does happen.


I will try to post every day.

Just so you know.

Writing About…A Shocking Thought

There I was at work today, getting ready to leave. I was thinking about working on my off-line story – a fantasy story about a Prince trying to beat the odds to rescue his bodyguard. (That’s the two-second summary of it.) I’ve been neglecting the poor thing in favor of other stories. And I’ve been getting the persistent feeling of “I want to work on it”.

Then, a thought, a shocking, mind-imploding thought, occurred to me. What if I made the Prince a Princess? There are some scenes where I swear he sounds more like a Princess anyway. But if I changed his gender, that would be the first falling domino. I would have to change one thing after the other.

I’d have to change his name from Daniel to…?? I don’t want to be obvious and call him Daniela, but I’m so used to him being Daniel. Hm. It’s something I’d have to think about.

I’d have to decide if she’s wearing some sort of dress or shirt/slacks combo. If she’s wearing a dress, what kind of dress is it? Could it be a slacks/ dress combo? At this point, who knows? I do know that whichever I choose will impact the story in both large and small ways.

I’d have to change certain scenes and reactions. In some ways, I’d be writing it all over from scratch.

But it’s so tempting.

Maybe I’ll wait till I get to the end and then give it a try over. It could be interesting.

And it’s so tempting.

Writing About…Searching For The Perfect Wedding Gown

Have you ever had a moment when: You have a mental image of something you want to describe in your story? The image is there in your head. You can just about touch it. But you decide to try to find a picture of it or something similar to it on the internet. You know, to use as a reference point thing.


That was me a couple days ago. I had a great idea for a wedding dress for one of my characters. It was like a total Warrior Princess Gets Married dress. Silver metal from the throat all the way down to the bustline. Sleeveless, so she can wear her silver gauntlets. And the rest of the dress is soft white wedding dress…stuff.

So, I had that image in my head. I wasn’t fully sure about the shape of the dress. I knew I didn’t want an enormous pouf and I didn’t want it to be a Hey! Look at my fabulous bum! dress. I wanted it to be a dress that would be right for her temperament and personality. (And she is definitely not a pouf dress. Although, I will admit, I was tempted to put her into one, anyway.  😆  )

I decided to look it up to see if I could find an image of it. There are so many crazy wedding dress designers and fashion designers. One of them must have come up with this idea already. Right?



I looked up images of wedding dress on Yahoo. Wedding dresses with metal. Warrior wedding dresses. A-line wedding dresses. Elegant wedding dresses. Beautiful wedding dresses. Annnd, just for the fun of it, chain mail wedding dresses, which were a whole world of nope.

I did so many wedding dress searches I fully expected my e-mail to get bombed with “Getting Married?” spam.

Any time a dress caught my eye, I’d try to visualize it with a metal neck/top and none of them quite worked out. Like the Renaissance-type dress that had long, lovely bell-shaped sleeves. It would have been a shame to chop the sleeves off. So, I decided against that one too.

Half-way through my search, I realized I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted the silver part to actually be. Chains? Chain mail? Silver mesh? Platinum mesh? Some sort of armor like a flat plate? I knew I wanted it to be something beautiful. Something…carved? Etched? Patterned? Something…???

Then, I found the perfect dress. It was a close-fitting top with a full A-line skirt. It wasn’t a pouf and it wasn’t a mermaid. It was the right dress for my character and I totally knew it.

And that’s when I realized what I wanted to do with that silver. Instead of just half a top, it would be the whole top and it would be a silver filigree with white backing. I’m not sure how well that would turn out in real life or if it would even be all that comfortable (I suspect not). It just sounded right and I liked how well it meshed with the mental image I’d started with.

Normally, I would show you the picture that inspired me, but I forgot to save it on my computer and I can’t find it on Yahoo. Not without doing another long, crazy “Are You Getting Married?” search.

So, I’ll leave you with my in-story description:

“Her neck and entire bodice were encased in liquid silver filigree with white silk backing. The full skirt and train were white Spanish lace, silver silk inserts, interspersed with an array  of faceted silver beads and small crystals.”

(I kind of decided to go with a whole silver and white color scheme.)