First blog post

Well! I took a deep breath and jumped.

This is my very first blog. I’m kind of nervous and excited to get this started.

I’ve been writing stories on the Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompts forum every week for the past two years. It’s been a wonderful learning experience to take their prompts, no matter how weird or specific, and turn them into two or three completely different stories. I’ve written stories on there that I normally wouldn’t have considered writing – science fiction stories, vampire stories, and so on. My fellow forumites, who are awesome writers, have helped me with their suggestions and comments to grow as a writer.

So, after much mental fidgeting and nail biting, I finally decided to create this blog to give my prompt stories a proper home.

Hope you enjoy them!


Painted Lives

My people were creators. They painted the life they saw around them. Animals. Women. Children. The grasses blowing long in the fields.

They painted lives with what we had available: berries, stones that smeared color, mud, plant juices. Sometimes they used blood.

Life was not easy, but it was beautiful.

Our lives were saved and documented for our children and our children’s children for generations to come.

But the waters receded.

Our plants faded into brown and into sands.

We lost our berries and our plant juices. Our animals died away or moved to greener lands.

The waters kept receding into dust and dirt and sand and deaths.

Too many deaths.

We had to make a choice. Stay and die. Or walk through the barren lands in search of green.

We left.

I have grown older and wiser in many ways.

Yet, still I long to see our lives painted on those walls, saved upon those walls for our children and their children and all of their generations to see.

They will never see it.

Those painted walls are too far away. The journey back is too long.

Except at night.

I close my eyes and I see once more our ancestors and their children’s children inked and bled into the wall.

Though I have many years behind me and so few before me, I will go back there some day.

Daily Prompt: Spike In The Road

Author’s Note:  And now for a completely uncanon, possible future moment from my other blog’s story…

Isellta the fey stood outside the pub.

The cigarette smoke inside the pub was too intense and thick for his likings.

So, Isellta stood outside.

Robin will be out soon. He said he would be.

He looked up at the sky and sighed.

So many things have happened and changed.

Even Robin has changed.

He doesn’t yell so much.

And he hasn’t slapped me in a long time.

I’d say life is perfect.

The moon came out from behind a cloud.

Something shined silver on the ground.

Hm? What’s that?

Isellta came over to it and picked it up. The object was shaped like a stake, but made completely out of metal.

Isellta smiled at it. His wings flapped happily.

It’s pretty.

He moved it back and forth. The moonlight danced across it.

I’m not even sure what it is, but it’s pretty. Its lines are clean and smooth and they make sense. There’s nothing whimsical or fanciful about its design. It just makes sense.

Whatever it is.

He flapped his wings again.

It’s mine.




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Super Condensed Fantasy Mystery

“I’m just a yokel security guard two days away from retirement. Ho! Something weird’s going on over here. I’ll check it out. Too bad the power’s out and my flashlight isn’t working all that great and—ack!”

“Hahahaha! I’m the bad guy. I’m standing in the shadows so you can’t see me clearly. Bad magic to your face! Yeeeah! And you’re dead.”

“That would seem to be the case. Blearrggh…”


“I’m an elf. I’m an private investigator. I have problems, but I’ll just hint at them for right now. I have a hot girlfriend, but she doesn’t show up in this scene. So, never mind. I have a murder to go investigate. Bye.”


“I’m investigating. Something’s wrong with this crime scene. Not sure what. Oh. That’s my boss. He hates me and my elfness. I don’t know if that makes him a racist or what, but ehh. Whatever. This is my quirky female partner. We will never kiss or anything. So, don’t even think about shipping us. Even if we do have some awesome chemistry going on.”

“Oh, hi. Person who’s just standing about. Did you see anything? Yes? Tell me about it. Oh, you have some red herrings for me? Thanks! I love herrings. Yum yum yum.”

“Love interest just called with personal character development stuff. Please excuse me. I’ll get back to the mystery in a second.”

“Okay! Now, that I’ve shown off my amazing chemistry with my love interest (even though some of you will still want me to be with my quirky partner for some reason), back to the mystery.”

“Hello, suspicious character in a sharp black suit and sharp black shoes. Who are you and do you have any connection to this crime? Did you know the victim? Do you know who may have killed him? Oh, you have a whole pile of red herrings for me! You’re way too generous. Uhh, do you want to take some back? I don’t think I can eat all of these herrings. You’re right. I can share them with my female partner who is not my love interest.”

“Cute banter with my not love interest female partner. Oh, she’s an elf too. Sorry. Forgot to mention that earlier. She’s sassy and full of attitude. She doesn’t like my red herrings. She thinks there’s something off-putting about them. Hmm. She has a point. They do smell pretty fishy. I mean, as red herrings go.”

“Oops! It’s time for my problems to manifest themselves. Eearrgh! Such problems. Problems. Problems. Problems. Oh, love interest. I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s kiss away my problems. Smile. Lots of love.”

“Okay. Enough of that. Back to the mystery.”


“Bwaaaahahahahha! I’m so evil. No one will ever know that I am evil. Especially that dupe of an elf. He’s stupid and clueless and I will eventually try to kill him. But not yet. He doesn’t have enough clues to ire me up.”

“I’ll be back later. Till then, bwaaaaaaahahahahhahaha! Remember how evil I am.”


“Okay! Things are looking good. We have a suspect. So, I’m interrogating him. My boss is standing over my shoulder, muttering about my incompetence. I kick him out of the interrogation room. Geesh! There’s a time and place, man. Time and place.”

“Tell me what you know.”

“I know nothing.”

“Yes you do.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do.”

“No, I don’t.”

“You do.”




“Aww, come on. Give me a break. I’m an elf. I can tell that you’re lying.”

“Oh, shoot. Uhh, do you want a red herring?”

“Nah, I have too many.”


“Tell me the truth.”

“Okay. Someone killed that guy, but it wasn’t me. It was…Ack! I’m suddenly and shockingly dead. bye. Too bad. I had all of the information you needed. Oh, well. I’ll give you this strange and cryptic item. My mission here is complete. Now, I’m dead. Glaaaarrrg…”


“So, I’m doing some investigating on the strange and cryptic item the dead body gave me. Uhh, sorry. Interrogation room dead body. My boss is yelling at me again and threatening to kick me off the force. Dude. I’m not even on the force.”

“I really worry about that man. But I’m going to engage in some more cute banter with my female partner. But there is nothing between us. You want me to wind up with my….Oh, look. My love interest just entered the room. Just as my partner and I look like we’re about to kiss. We’re not, by the way. She had something in her eye and I was trying to see what it was and…”

“Well. Yeah. My significant other totally misunderstood the situation. Now, she’s all mad at me. *sigh*”

“Okay. Enough side track, I just found a few more clues based on that strange and cryptic item.”

“Darn it! I just realized that all of those red herrings were dead end fish. Like, they all led me to nowhere. I’ll just have to throw them all out. Plus, they were all starting to smell pretty rancid.”

“Darn! My problems are manifesting themselves again. I wish my significant other were here to comfort me as she always does. But nope. She’s still mad at me. Won’t even answer my phone call.”

“Ohhhh. Problems. Problems. Problems. Crisis point. Misery. Such problems.”

“Oh, my partner is here. She’s talking to me and patting my back and making me feel so much better. My problems are fading away. I’m so glad she’s here.”

“She says something that pops me out of my doldrums. I can see what I’ve been missing. I grab the strange and cryptic item, mess around with it, half-break it, and voila! Part of the mystery is solved.”

“That’s when I realize that the security guard’s death was just a red herring. There’s more at stake here than I imagined.”

“No. My partner and I don’t kiss or anything. Why do you ask? Why do you even expect it? Come on! I have a red hot love interest. True, we’re not speaking at the moment and she kind of let me down when I really needed her.”

“Anyway! I’m rushing back to the scene of the crime. No. The first crime. As we’re driving along way too fast, I’m monologuing to my partner and she’s chipping in with what she thinks. The solution to the mystery is coming together in beautiful ways.”

“Here we are at the scene of the crime. I find proof that my partner and I are so right. Huzzah!”

“Oh! Hi, honey! I’m so glad to see you again. What’s wrong? You’re acting all weird. Is this because of the mad crazy chemistry I have going on with my partner? Look. It’s like this. She and I are buddies. Nothing more. I totally mean that.”

“Okay. You’re still acting weird. What? What? The bad guy is here and he’s using you as bait? What?”

*bullets fly left and right*

“My love interest pulls out something that looks like a computer’s flash drive. She points it at me. Zap! Pow!”

“And I’m unconscious. My second to last thought is Babe! What the heck? My very last thought is I hope my quirky partner is okay.”


“Bwaaaaahahahahaha! You have done well, my lovely.”


*whole bunch of hugging and kissing between bad guy and MY love interest.*


“Anyway, I’m conscious now, but I’m all tied up. And my problems are starting to kick in again. Darn! Why now? I don’t see my partner anywhere, but my range of vision is kind of limited (due to me being all tied up). I call out for my love interest.”

“Well! Wheee-hooo! and a whole bunch of other cat-calls. My love interest’s just entered the room and she’s wearing an outfit that is just pure eye candy. I have a bad feeling I’m drooling. But that could be connected to my problems, which are spiking upwards.”

“I ask her to help me. And she gives me a whole load of bad attitude about me and my quirky partner. I try to tell her that there’s nothing going on between us. It’s all platonic.”

“I think I sound pretty convincing. I wish I did. But my voice is kind of whiny because of my worsening problems.”

“That’s when the bad guy comes in. I’m secretly hoping that it’s my boss because that would be pretty epic. Nope. It isn’t. It’s that suspicious character in the sharp black suit and sharp black shoes who gave me that whole big pile of red herrings. (Darn. I think I left them on my kitchen table. Darn darn darn. My house is going to reek of fish.)”


“Yes, me.”

“Why? I’m asking this even though I have a pretty good idea. I’d  just like the verification.”

“Okay. This is why.” *insert long and convoluted monologue.* Oh. *Also, insert a whole bunch of character abuse.*

“I clench my teeth in pain and rage. I demand that he release my love interest from his brain hold.”


“I lose control after the fiftieth ‘hahahaha’. My problems reach their climax. My elf powers go berserk!”

“Oh, no! Your elf powers have gone berserk! Ahh. uhh. Seems like this is a good time for me to escape. Bwaaaaaahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahahaha! You will never catch me! You lose, sir! You lose forever!”

“I would normally try to stop him, but I’m barely aware of anything right now. My mind is about to deeply fry out.”

“Then. Something touches me. Even though lightning bolts are shooting out of my body, someone touches me. Hugs me. Holds me tight.”

“I start to regain control. My problems die down. They will never truly go away. But right now they die down. My senses return. I can see who’s hugging me.”

“My love interest. Wait. Why were you expecting it to be my partner? She went off to call for back up and she’s currently getting the upper hand on the bad guy.”

“But right now. At this moment, the bad guy, this whole mystery, even my quirky partner…None of that matters.”

“I totally make out with my love interest and whisper sweet words to her.”

“And she finally sees. She understands where my heart lies. It is always with her.”

“Oh, there’s some fun wrap up stuff, including the bad guy being thoroughly trounced by my partner, but we’re gonna wrap up with me and my love interest wrapped up in each other’s arms.”

“All of the ruckus and noise behind us fades away. We are so happy. We are so in love.”

The end.

Daily Prompt: One Fry Day

I haven’t had a French fry in a very long time.

Don’t get me wrong: I loved them as a kid.

But as soon as I got out of that whole adolescent/teenager food glomping thing, I realized something important.

I didn’t need French fries to feel good about myself.

I could live just fine without them.

And you know what? I have. I have lived a peachy keen life free of all of those greased up fats slathered all over and into a poor pathetic slice of an excuse for a potato.

I don’t need the starches.

Don’t need the grease.

Don’t need the mega trans fats.

I am a survivor of my horrible teen years.

And my life is just right.


My life is not just right anymore.

The man I loved.

The man I thought was 100% the one.

That man…He’s gone and left me.

Even wrote me a Dear Jane letter and stuck it on the fridge.

Couldn’t even give it to me in person.

He’s gone.

I don’t know how to handle this.

I don’t know how to process this through my mind and make any sense of it.

I read his letter over and over and over. I can see the words in my head when I look away. I can see the curve of his letters. The pin-prick perfection of his punctuation marks.

I recite it when I take a shower and before I go to sleep.

No matter how hard I try, it doesn’t make sense.

His words are empty and useless to me. They’re just scrawls of ink on paper and I can’t make sense of them.

I need to get out of the house.

I need to get something to eat.

I need something to uplift my crushed down spirit.

I need what I haven’t had in such a long time.

French fries.

They will make the pain dissipate.

I will feel better.

I need the carbs and the starches.

I need the saturated trans fats.

I need to know that everything will be fine with salt and ketchup all over it.

I’m going to stop at the first fast food place I see and order the largest size of French fries.

And I know.

Everything will be all right.



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Author’s Note:  I was reading a post on rarasaur’s blog and this line leapt out at me and begged to be transformed into a story:

“It’s like a Captain’s Log from a really bad space saga, where the Captain is leaning back in her big chair, knocking the rocks of her whisky, talking about everything except what actually happened.”

How could I resist?   😀  Anyway!  Here we go…


“Captain’s Log. Stardate 24601. Captain Elinsa Mellpell speaking.”

She sat back in her chair and contemplated the whiskey carafe. “I would love to have a drink, but I’m supposed to be as sober as a crashing asteroid when I’m doing these log things.”

She grabbed the carafe and quickly poured the lovely, golden fluid into her glass. “Well. If they want me to be sober, they shouldn’t leave things like this standing around. Mm-hmm. Of course, this is my quarters. This is my quarters. These are my quarters.” She took a sip and winced at the sharp sting. “Gah! As I was saying, quarters are this? Can quarters be singular?”

Another sip. “Whoo! This is my quarter. Yeah. That sounds good. This is my quarter! Woo! Great stuff. Mm! Uhh. Stuff happened today, but I don’t want to go into details. If anyone needs details about what went down with the Zenzagari ship and that shipment of explosives and that…that tire iron….uhhh, where am I going with this thought? Well, ask my First Officer about it. She’s good at remember all the bad things. Such a pessimistic little….Mmm.”

Another sip.

“Mmm.” She smiled. “mm-hm. hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. I love my First Officer. She’s the…bestest. She should be higher than Number One. She should be Number….Zero! Mmm. Love that girl. Umm. This log is running a little long today. I hope no one minds. I’m just so happy and shiny and glossy and mmm.”

Another sip.

“Yep. I think that’s all I need to say for today. I need to get me a nap. Yup.”


(h)ummus is the only perk

Too Many Differences

If we were having a cup of coffee, I’d want a cappuccino and you would ask for a skim milk latte.

If we were having a cup of tea, I’d want Darjeeling and you would ask for Earl Grey.

If we were having a cup of hot chocolate, I’d want it extra hot and you would want it at half heat.

If we were having a cup of water, I’d want it hot and you would want it cold with ice.

Sometimes I wish you were more like me. I wish you would like what I like and not the things you like.

I wish you were an early riser.

I wish you liked things like Tabasco sauce and white wine and Manchego cheese.

I wish you liked to sing the same songs I love and dance to the beat I prefer.

I wish you weren’t so different from me.

I wish you’d watch Food Network instead of ESPN.

I wish you’d read fantasy instead of science fiction.

I wish you’d like Darjeeling instead of Earl Grey.

I wish the things I love and the things you love were one and the same.

I wish we were one and the same.

I wish I could find peace with our differences.

I wish I could try.

I know I can’t.


Daily Prompt: Unraveling Me

Everything in my life was perfect and tidy and neat. Everything was just as it should be.

No snarls.

Not tangles.

No split ends.

Every day the same tidiness and completeness.

Then, I met you.

You put snarls in my carpets and split ends in my hair.

You spilled drinks on my table and dropped crumbs in my couch.

You scuffed up my tile floors.

You put paint in all of the wrong places.

You pulled my hair and you broke my heart.

You brought sunlight into my days and moonlight into my nights.

And I have loved you like no other.

From the moment you were born and I held you safe in my arms, I have loved you, my child.



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